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  1. To all those who've received an award, CONGRATULATIONS! To all those alternates, I hope you will soon be notified of full-grant status. ...and to all those whom were declined, I wish you the best and hope that you will consider applying next year. I'm certain you were all equally qualified to fulfill the requirements of the grant but given the sheer numbers, there just weren't enough funds to cover everyone. I was just notified (today on the West Coast) of my Fulbright Award to Oman. Looking forward to seeing all my MENA friends in D.C. -Michael
  2. Congratulations SCD244: I hope to hear in the next few days, since I'm a west coaster. Thanks for sharing and hope to see you in Oman! Michael
  3. When I last spoke to Jermaine (Monday 4/12), he indicated early May, late April (if we're lucky). The process is pending due to funding appropriation and decisions by FSB. Make sure to update the spreadsheet, didn't see you on there. Congrats, thus far. -Michael
  4. hi there, i just signed up - am a finalist to oman as well. congratulations. -michael
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