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  1. Hi!! I was accepted off the waiting list but am feeling a bit lost in terms of what to do next. I haven't gotten any info about when to enroll in classes or what orientations to attend. Your help is greatly appreciated!!
  2. Congrats ladies! Stay hopeful, were you number 8? Has anyone who was waitlisted beyond number 8 heard anything? Thanks!!
  3. I was waitlisted as well. Does anyone know how many folks are on the waitlist?
  4. In order to find out more about my application status, I called the communication disorders office and was told to call the academic credentialing office. I left a message there as well. Still haven't heard anything.
  5. Yes, please let us know how you found out, thank you!
  6. checked the mail and didn't get a letter today, but don't know if I have ever done the COC finger print thing you guys are all talking about.
  7. my last name starts with an S so the theory still holds!
  8. I love how equally anxious/paranoid we all are. It's also interesting that someone already received a rejection letter via mail. Since I'm in SF, I thought is get something via mail rather quickly. Who knows though? What an enigma!
  9. It feels so disheartening because SFSU was one of my top choices! Def trying to stay positive though. I checked the mail and haven't received a rejection letter yet.
  10. has anyone not received an e-mail? I saw that some people were accepted via e-mail but I haven't received anything and am getting worried.
  11. Did the clinical interview require specific speech knowledge? What was it like? Thanks for your help!
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