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  1. I go to CSUN and spoke directly to one of the professors on the admissions board. She said SLPA's make about $10/hr... you're better off doing ABA therapy because I got paid $16/hr and got to work directly with autistic children. I even did a little bit of articulation therapy and social interaction activities with my patients. It's much more hands-on, you don't need to pay for a special license beforehand, and it pays a lot more. According to two professors on the admissions board, SLPA doesn't even really increase your chances of getting it. It's just a box they check off. It's a lot more important to have high GRE scores and a high GPA than to have SLPA experience. Most professors urge students to not even work at all and to just focus on their GRE and GPA because that's weighed more heavily than any experience. Soooooo no SLPA isn't worth it. You don't make much money and you have to pay a lot for the program.
  2. That's awesome!! I'm so happy for you guys/gals. Good luck to everybody else
  3. hahah yeah sorry this is for san francisco state university
  4. woah that's so weird! hmmmm... well anyways, congrats! and @stayhopeful, I hope you get in somewhere! #2 on a waitlist is pretty darn good! sure beats #14 But i'm glad I got accepted to CSUN. I'm still holding out for SFSU though!
  5. What number were you on the list, if you don't mind me asking
  6. That's awesome!! congrats! I hope you get into your first choice. I'm stilling holding my breath to get off the waitlist for SFSU
  7. I'm finishing up my undergrad at CSUN now and I just got accepted into their masters program. The campus is nice and safe. The location is in a nice neighborhood in the famous San Fernando Valley, which is 30 minutes from the beach, Hollywood, downtown LA, and all that jazz. Most masters programs are geared toward public schools. CSUN's program is a little bit of everything. The clinic has a really diverse population, so that's awesome if you don't know what population you want to work with. I know they have clinics in social interaction (autism), neurology, fluency, and voice disorders. Apparently, Professor Lew is a famous SLP for stutterers, which is pretty awesome if you're interested in that kind of thing. The only thing I don't like about the program is that the department could be a little scatterbrainned. For example, a lot of the time, the department will really lag on sending out permission numbers for students to add the department classes they need, so during the first and second weeks of school, people are still unsure whether or not they are going to get the classes. I don't know if it will be the same for grad students.
  8. i'm waitlisted #14. darn. that's a looong shot. oh well!
  9. #4 is good! i feel like you have a good chance of getting in. I bet a lot of SFSU undergrad applied to SFSU as just a back up because they get priority to get in. I can't wait to get home to check my mail.
  10. Dang. So they're not going to email us about being waitlisted? I guess I'll call, too..
  11. I'm right there with you guys... i love how we're commiserating together. At least someone else out there understands my stress We haven't gotten rejected yet, so there's still a little bit of hope, guys!
  12. well actually I don't know... I think you would need someone's social security code or something to gain access to their fingerprints files :/ It would be too easy to get the wrong fingerprints from someone who happens to have your first and last names. but I hope that's why we haven't gotten emailed yet. eeee
  13. OooOOoOooO really hoping you're right. I didn't even think of that.... I have my fingerprints on file too because I worked for an ABA company that needed them at the end of 2013. maybe they were still good? ah
  14. Yes SFSU is my #1 choice because it's in one of the greatest cities in the country and has the specialized program for AAC. super bummed and biting my nails right now. Keep us updated with everything! I'll post when I hear back from the school. Good luck, everyone.
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