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  1. Accepted off the wait-list at CU Boulder! I'll be accepting soon and excited to start this August! Any geography students living in the area or know of any community resources for admitted students?
  2. Keep your head up breaks0, there's always next year!
  3. I got a phone call from CU Boulder and found out that the rejections and acceptances have been sent. And those of us who haven't heard back are on the dreaded waitlist. We should find out sometime in April weather we made it off
  4. Pile on that out of state tuition + housing and its a sucker punch!
  5. Thank you geographyrocks! When they contacted you, did they email or call you? Waiting is seriously the worst part!
  6. For those of you who got that dreaded rejection from CU Boulder- has your online status changed? I think I may have been rejected so hard that they didn't bother to send an email or update my application status! Thanks
  7. I applied in December and still haven't heard back. Thanks again for the tip!
  8. Is it acceptable to call the department and ask if application decisions have been made this early into admissions season?
  9. I don't know of any that are admitting for fall but there are some programs that will admit for spring if you're interested in looking into those I still have the same status on the webpage and no response from the graduate department. How did the department contact you?
  10. I just checked my status online and it still says: "Your application is complete. The admissions committee is reviewing your file." Now I am getting even more worried but I'll post here if I hear anything. Someone had posted in the survey section that they've been accepted unofficially, so I am increasingly less optimistic for myself. Did you get an interview?
  11. Thanks for the tip. The suspense is driving me nuts!
  12. Has anyone applying to the geography department at CU Boulder heard back yet?
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