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  1. @Wyatt's Terps Thank you! And thank you for this thread! Feels good to commiserate
  2. I am personally losing my mind: my applications are all completed, and I've already submitted one for rolling admissions, but it's just really hitting me how real this is. I've been a lurker on GC for a couple of years, and am only now ready to apply myself. So much is out of my control- and I do not deal with that well!
  3. @TakeruK Thank you! It was so confusing to log in and see such a drastic change. I'll definitely keep an eye out for some kind of official word.
  4. I submitted my application for an MA program with rolling admissions in early October. I had some issues with the online application portal, and had to call a couple of times to be sure that my documents were making it to my file. The department did not seem very on top of things and it wound up being a pretty frustrating experience. I got transferred from person to person, none of whom seemed to be able to locate my documents. Eventually, someone was able to track down my papers and told me that she'd marked my file as complete. I logged on to check on my supporting documents last week and my status has changed from "applicant" to "active in program- matriculation". Despite an aggravating application process, I was pretty excited to see this. The more I thought about it, though, the more anxious it made me. I assume that this is an acceptance... there is even a little bubble that says "contact your advisor to register for classes" when I hover my mouse over the application status. But I don't have an advisor, and the phrase "active in program" makes me a little nervous. I have not accepted anything. This was a week ago, and I have not heard anything from the university- no email, phone call, or letter. Not even an automatic notice that my application status has changed. I waited this long, assuming that something would be arriving in the mail. I guess I should bite the bullet and give them a call, but my previous dealings with them were rather unpleasant. The whole mess has made me rethink the program a little bit. Any thoughts?
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