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  1. Hi socialwerq! 1) I am in the Foundational 2 year program, but I'm pretty sure it would be the same ... The program does run through the summer, but there are 2 summer terms you can choose from. Fall semester is Sept-Dec, Winter is Jan-Apr and then you can do a summer course in either May/June OR Jul/Aug 2) I am actually not sure about that, but it's definitely possible you would do a couple of courses during the summer term. To clarify on that question you can email Marilyn Gale at marilyn.gale@ubc.ca
  2. Hi guys! Just wanted to drop in and say best of luck to everyone applying to their MSW this year. I went through it last year and I know how stressful it can be! I am currently in my first year of the 2 year MSW at UBC Okanagan. I highly recommend the program, especially if you are interested in clinical social work. The class sizes are fairly small (cohort is 35 people) and the profs are awesome. Don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions! Good luck!
  3. Hi guys, Like many of you I was also waitlisted for the 2 year MSW at U of T. I will not be remaining on the Waitlist, as I have accepted my offer of admission from UBC Okanagan. Good luck everyone!
  4. Okay, thank you both so much for your advice! That was definitely my plan, but just wanted to see if anyone else in the same position had any input. Thanks again for your responses! Much appreciated.
  5. Hey guys! Looking for some advice from some of you who may be, or may have been, in the same situation. I received an acceptance from UBC Okanagan on March 15 and I need to Accept or Decline the offer by April 5. However, I still haven't heard from U of T and would like to know if I have been accepted into their 2 year program before making my final decision. Does anyone have any advice for me for how to go about contacting U of T and asking if there is any way for them to give me an answer before April 5? Would I contact graduate admissions or the school of social work directly? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  6. I am really hoping for today or Monday! Fingers and toes crossed!
  7. Thanks CalendarGirl! Sounds like we are on the same page! I would also like to focus on clinical social work. UBC-Okanagan focuses on clinical and direct practice social work
  8. Hey TheGrapefruit!! I'm so sorry for the confusion, that was for the 2015 application period. I usually check the forum on my phone so it doesn't show the signature part and I totally forgot to update it for this year! I have updated it now. Still waiting to hear from U of T for 2016 app period
  9. Hey guys! I know not many people on here applied to UBC-Okanagan but I wanted to let you all know that I just received my acceptance email today! Congrats again to everyone who has been accepted somewhere and good luck to those still waiting!
  10. Hey guys! Hope everyone is hanging in there during this brutal limbo period! Huge congrats to those of you who have received acceptances thus far. Wondering if anyone else has applied to the 2 year MSW at UBC-Okanagan? I have idea when I should expect to hear back from them! Thanks guys and keep hanging in there!
  11. Okay, thanks so much for letting me know MSW16! I do recall hearing that, however I will have my American Sign Language certification that I want to add! So I figured adding an extra 20 or 30 volunteer hours couldn't hurt, even if they don't consider it p.s. Thanks rachberks for your response as well
  12. Hey Guys, does anyone know roughly the latest date we can send an updated resume to U of T for the 2 year MSW? I want to make sure as many volunteer hours as possible are included. Thanks!
  13. I submitted my last document (resume) on December 14th, but everything else was in around the 10th. Don't worry at all though, I remember reading last year that everyone's statuses slowly and randomly changed from Documents Received to Under Review. As long as it doesn't say Documents Pending I think you're good!
  14. Mine says Under Review too! Ahh the wait begins. Hurry up March! Is anyone else applying to UBC-Okanagan?
  15. Okay good to know! Thanks to you both!
  16. Hey guys, On your resume/CV how are you including your projected hours? I have only done just over 80 hours of volunteering with Children's Aid so far, but should have well over 300 hours by September 2016. I am having some trouble formatting my resume in a way that shows this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Hey guys, Looking for the opinions of those of you who were also wait listed for the 2 year program at U of T last year … In your written statement are you mentioning anywhere that you were wait listed last year? I currently mention it before I talk about the additional volunteering I have done over the past year, but not sure if that is a good idea or a bad idea … What do you guys think?
  18. Hey Lobza! I am in the same boat … My transcripts still haven't arrived and I am freaking out. I thought I ordered them in plenty of time, but I guess not. I will be calling Monday morning as well, so fingers crossed!
  19. Hello fellow MSW hopefuls! The forum is so much quieter this year! I'm sure that will change as it gets closer to March! Last year I applied to the 2 year MSW programs at both York and U of T. I was rejected from York and waitlisted at U of T, but ultimately did not make it off the waitlist. This year I am applying to U of T, Windsor and UBC Okanagan Upon finding out I did not get in last year, I took a good look at my application to determine what I could improve on. My GPA is right at the high B+ low A- mark, so it is very average, but all of my marks are A's and B's, so I did not have any C's or D's that I could upgrade to A's and boost my GPA. I took 3 research methods courses in my undergrad and my marks were A, A-, and A. I believe they will take my third year mark, which was an A. So I decided to improve upon my relevant paid or unpaid experience. Unfortunately as I currently have a full time job at a financial institution, I have minimal hours available to volunteer, but I did all I could and so far have logged almost 100 hours with my local Children's Aid Society. I can confidently predict that I will have well over 200 by September 2016. All of my previous volunteer experience was working with children with special needs: - 120 hours working one on one with children with special needs improving sensory and motor development through activities and games (program organized through Acadia university) - 1 month (approx. 160 hours) volunteering at an orphanage for children with special needs in Phnom Penh, Cambodia - 200 hours working one on one with a child in my community with Down syndrome to improve skating/hockey skills - 80 (& counting) hours as a volunteer driver with my local Children's Aid Society, transporting children and youth to and from school, appointments, visits, etc. - 15 (& counting) hours as a volunteer tutor with local Children's Aid Society assisting a 7 year old boy with reading Looking forward to chatting with you all as the months go on! Best of luck! P.S. AnnInTO - Thank you! That would be awesome!
  20. Yes mine says Decision Made on SGS and I am waitlisted at U of T!
  21. *removed* ... for some reason my post showed up twice!
  22. Wow, really?! Okay that's good news, thank you so much for letting me know!
  23. Excellent question, Bettyg! I'd love some advice on this as well ...
  24. Anyone else still not heard anything from York? Should I be considering myself rejected at this point?