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  1. Put off the GREs until summer or October..study hard for them for months, you can get 1200+ with the work, take practice tests (or use this one you will be taking as a practice). a GRE below 1000 will hurt you, especially for PhD programs. I would say get 1200+ on your GRE, a little more research exp., and apply to PhD programs (if that's what youre ultimately aiming for) and some backup MA programs for next year
  2. i was in the NYU MA program I would recommend going to the PhD. Firstly, it is extremely expensive, for 2 years you're looking at loans approaching 100k including everything. The classes were easy, not challenging, easy to get As. For the most part, the teachers are laid back, not too involved, probably jsut doing this to make a quick buck. A good thing is that you're right in the middle of Manhattan, there are a lot of opportunities to do research. A bad thing is that most the classes you take will not transfer to a different PhD program, and also that most PhD programs offer a Masters
  3. jordy, who was your POI at TAMU?
  4. Anyone know what going on w/ Texas A&M (social) ? i see one result, a person was accepted about 2 weeks ago, did they send out all their acceptance letters?
  5. Did anyone here apply to SU's social program, or hear anything from them?
  6. that a nice thought and all, but sometimes cheaters win and honest people get screwed
  7. anyone heard anything about this? according the the results page, last year some people were accepted/rejected in late January/early Feb. but i dont see anything for this year..and i ahvent heard anything, my online status shows "in evaluation"
  8. yeah, that makes me feel a little better. knowing other people are suffering like i am helps
  9. I applied to A&M also...have not heard anything
  10. I guess it is better than being rejected, but what the heck, how should I interpret this?
  11. patience is wearing thin.. only hear back from one school so far, and was wait-listed
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