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  1. Yeah that's rough trying to look for a place long distance. Hopefully your orientation is before September that way u can meet people. Usually by the start of the school year most of the livable spaces are snatched up unless your willing to pay a lot or live in someone's garage.
  2. Yeah multiple roommates would be ideal. The town is a bit small so it helps to have a couple people get together to rent a house. My biggest fear is that I'll be forced to live with some stoner undergrads or rent out a spare bedroom from a couple. Unfortunately for me the teaching program's orientation happens on the first day classes start so I won't be meeting fellow grad students until then. When do your programs start and are either of u guys from California?
  3. Issaq87

    Santa Cruz, CA

    Went to UCSC for my undergrad a couple years back. Now im moving back this summer for their Masters in Teaching program. Anyone on here moving to Santa Cruz next year feel free to hit me up. Looking for housing can be a bit of a nightmare like people on her have said. So finding a couple of roommates is key. If your crazy and a stoner don't bother messaging. But if your just one of the two I guess you can message me. Beggars cant be choosers.
  4. Moving to Santa Cruz in July for their teaching program. Trying to see if any other grads on here are going to UC Santa Cruz in 2015. I went to UCSC for my undergrad a couple years back so I know firsthand what a nightmare looking for housing can be. I'm applying for graduate housing but it's extremely limited so trying to reach out to other UCSC grads just in case....
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