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  1. Loans appeaer to be the only option at this point considering all of the money I make during the year goes to living expenses. From what I've seen of offers, it's looking like in order to get to any school, loans are really what's left. For background information, I'm graduating a year early so I was thrown into this as well. I'm currently completing an internship with Juvenile Probation in my state to get some experience as well. I'm not sure if it's too late to apply for scholarships or grants, or I'm just not sure how. I'll be the only one in my family getting a BA or MA, so I don't really
  2. - Forever searching for a place to live on websites - Finishing up undergrad: finish semester May 8, summer credits June 8-July 11 - Finding a new place to live until August when I graduate - Working/finishing internship at state probation - Spending time with new baby neice and family - Visiting friends in other states - Going to Norway and coming back a couple days before graduation - After graduation: MOVING!
  3. I'm in the same boat! I was accepted to my dream school along with another great school as well. I'm stuck between decisions but there's always something pushing me to go to my dream school since I've wanted it so bad. The thing is, neither schools have offered financial aid so I'm stuck for a while I think. Plus they're all very far away from where I live so it's a little difficult to find a place to live as well.
  4. I'm currently trying to decide between studying at Florida State University or Rutgers University for my Master's degree in Criminal Justice. Overall, I want to work in policy formulation which may require further school (I'm planning to make that decision throughout the time in my Master's career). Essentially, I can't decide between the two schools. Neither have sent offers of financial aid yet because they just received my FAFSA. Rutgers is the top school in my field and I'm hoping to acquire some aid at both schools. I'm a little clueless on this whole graduate school process. I was th
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