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  1. Hi..There are two things here. Firstly, you should devote 2-3 hours per day over 3-4 months. But I believe where people lack is consistency. Doing prep over a sustained period of time is not easy. Consistency is super important
  2. Yes..some people say that learning from a wordlist is boring but I say that it's the most efficient way to learn words. Augment learning from worldlist with reading high quality newspapers, and you should be in good shape as far as vocab is concerned. Goes without saying that this takes almost 3-4 months
  3. I totally agree with @SLPgradstudent. Go with the second score. Most programs will look at your quant and verbal scores. So the higher the better on both
  4. Ignore AWA score. Schools dont pay much attention to AWA. Your quant and verbal scores are what really count. Since you have a higher quant score in the second score, go for that.
  5. One bit I'll add here to the discussion is to try learning vocab through mnemonics, root word methods etc.
  6. All the best. Hope to hear about your success journey soon. Do post when you are done with your gre
  7. IMO, it's a great score. Your prep shows you totally deserved it. All the best for your apps
  8. Firstly, have you learnt strategies like skimming, looking for why a particular paragraph is written etc? I guess you might be focusing a lot on what a para/passage says rather than why it says what it says. It's very important to figure that out
  9. RC is about understanding the question types, what type of answers are usually wrong/right in diff types of questions. For example, if the question asks you about assumption, a wrong answer might just strengthen the argument. Similarly, in primary purpose questions, a wrong answer would just give primary purpose of a paragraph not of the entire passage
  10. Yes, please don't be disheartened. Just work hard and push yourself to achieve your goals and I'm sure that you will get your target GRE score and get through your target schools.
  11. I hope this time you work hard. It's absolutely doable as you can see through my story
  12. Hello all, After a lot of ups and downs with my prep, took the GRE yesterday and scored a 332(V-162,Q-170). Thanks to all the awesome people here who made coming on the forum worth it. Firstly, let me remark that I'm not a genius and never have been at the top of my class. I'm just an average guy who slogged it off and got there through sheer hardwork. I hope this will give some motivation to those who think that only high achievers can crack GRE. What worked for me: I think what worked for me is my focus. I started my prep in January this year. Had less coursework in college and I thought that I would be able to focus given the lesser courseload. I also put everything else lower in the priority order during this time so that I could focus. I also knew that in case I don't score well in my first attempt, I’ll have the summer vacations to retake the exam. My schedule Here's my detailed schedule that will give you an idea about how I went about my preparation Week 1: Jan 12-18- Got my hands on the ETS OG. Got familiar with the test in the first two days. Then took the first powerprep II on Day 4 and analyzed it for the next 2 days. Spoke to someone who had cracked the GRE and made a plan for myself Week 2: Jan 19-26- text completion+ vocab from ETS OG and gre grail Week 3: Jan 27-Feb 02- Sentence equivalence+ Vocab from ets og and gre grail Week 4: Feb 03-10- Reading comprehension+ Vocab from ets og and gre grail Week 5: Feb 11- 17- Reading comprehension+ vocab from ets og and gre grail Week 6,7: Feb 18-March 2- Quant prep from nova gre Week 8,9: March 3- 10 : Practice from manhattan 5 lbs book Week 10: March 10-17- Reattempt of all questions i got wrong so far Week 11: March 17-25- Vocab week Week 12: March 25-April 1- Focus on all weak areas Weeks 13,14,15,16: April 2- April 30- Practice tests. Took 2 power prep tests, 6 manhattan tests and 1 kaplan free test Last 2 days of prep- Relaxation and a bit of studying Resources I used: I used a lot of resources but found the following few resources most helpful. ETS Offcial Guide to get a feel of how the actual questions on the tests would be like GRE Verbal Grail to master the verbal section which was the difficult part for me to master Nova GRE Math to get a good grasp on math concepts. GRE math is easy is no secret but getting familiar with all topics is important Manhattan 5 lbs book for rigorous practice once I felt confident in most areas. Helped me build the muscle for practice tests Manhattan 6 practice tests- Helped me take tests under timed circumstances and build the mental muscle need to ace the actual exam Prep Tips Here are some of things that worked for me and I hope will work for others. Tip#1: Don’t prepare alone. Prepare with 2-3 other people who are planning to take the GRE. You’ll be much more motivated to study hard if you have others with you Tip#2: Target Maximum GRE score: I see a lot of people asking here how much should I target on GRE as though by just knowing the target score, they will achieve that score. Forget all this and just target the maximum possible. Tip#3: Make it top priority: While you’re preparing for GRE, make this your priority no.1 in life. I’d skip a lot of events which were waste of time while preparing. Tip#4: Put time & effort: Time is a precious commodity so use it wisely. There’s no other formula for succeeding than putting in the hardwork. It PAYS OFF! Tip#5: Mindset: Don’t take gre as an obstacle rather take it as a challenge. If you take it as an obstacle, you will always think it is a burden, if you think it is a challenge that will help you grow, you will push yourself harder. To sum up, there’s no secret sauce to preparing for the GRE. Hardwork is the only thing that will pay off as it will pay off in every challenging thing that you undertake. Good luck all. Hope that you'd have found this post motivating
  13. 1. Regarding how much GRE should you reach? Honestly, some of the programs you applied to attract the most competitive applicants so target the best GRE possible 2. Figure out firstly if you could get better LORs. If not, the same ones would be good 3. 100 is not a great score for non-natives. I'd say aim for 110+. TOEFL is not difficult. I'm aiming for full score.
  14. @SDxx Honestly, your stats are brilliant. With that GPA, GRE score and having a patent and publication under you belt, you'd want to apply to the top 10 programs in your field. Just apply to all the top 10 I'd say.Good luck
  15. Well if you are targeting premier programs, you may want to get the best possible score on GRE. Why risk your chance just because of GRE after all ?
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