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  1. carpincho

    Phd Law Interdisciplinary Programs

    What you don't mention are your research interests. Your stats are fine. Focus your application on demonstrating your fit with the program and your ability to identify a strong research project. Nobody will hold you to it, but it will help the committee determine if JSP is right for you and vice versa.
  2. carpincho

    Fall 2015 Acceptances (and Rejections) Thread

    I've always been intrigued by that program but was intimidated by the fact that they only accept 2 or 3 people, mostly from their own law school (though I could be wrong about that, I'm just deducing from their site). This is a common and unfortunate misunderstanding about the JSP program. In recent years, the program has admitted relatively large (10-14) numbers of students, and very few of them come from the law school. Some come in with law degrees, some pursue law degrees concurrently, and others never pursue a JD at all.
  3. carpincho

    Jurisprudence and Social Policy

    Admitted students are notified in the first half of February, usually by phone. Be on the lookout for a 510 call.

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