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  1. Hey Dolo! 

    I recently applied to the NATO internship, and having gone through the NATO forum, I saw you received a position!! I would love to hear about it, and to know whether you are a . grad student. Im graduating with a BAH in International Development and have two internships under my belt, one with UNDP. I am wondering whether, based on who you knew that also got an internship, I have a chance. I also speak intermediate French! 

    Thank you so much :)


  2. NATO Internship

    Hey guys! I've done my internship at NATO! Was a really challenging experience, but I enjoyed it and learned a lot! Of course, experience depends highly on division you will be working in. There were some people who were very happy and others didn't like it at all, some even terminated their internship before it finished. A lot of people get temporary contracts afterwards which lets them gain a little bit of more experience and is good for CV. Referring to conversations on this board and for the future reference, the interview in the selection procedure happens not every time! Some managers call, some don't and select their interns only based on CV!
  3. NATO Internship

    I think interviews differ depending on the person you are talking with and the division you are shortlisted for, also the tasks that will be assigned to you. They will most likely ask to tell about yourself, your previous experiences and motivation to do the internship. Nothing difficult..
  4. NATO Internship

    That's true. All submission changed to not shortlisted, and I have one selected.
  5. NATO Internship

    I'm selected for Executive Management Division. Are there more selected for an internship 2016?
  6. NATO Internship

    Yep, it was the same. I was shortlisted for maybe more than a month and then I got an e-mail from my department asking for phone interview. Then I had a phone interview (very short) and an e-mail that I'm selected. So it really depends on your division and even department that is interested in you. There are still maybe 10-15 of my applications with "submitted" status, but I think that most likely these applications are not successful or they simply haven't looked at it yet.
  7. NATO Internship

    I got an internship offer too! Can't believe it!
  8. NATO Internship

    Great! What division are you selected for? Also, what are the next steps? Do you actually need to have an interview or it's just they send an e-mail and that's it? And do you need to provide them with proofs about all your education and experiences that you mentioned in application like diplomas and job contracts?
  9. NATO Internship

    Wow, awesome! How did you find that out? Did you get an e-mail? And are you sure it's not shortlist notification, but the actual internship?
  10. NATO Internship

    It's Executive Management, Event Communication
  11. NATO Internship

    Hey guys! I am also shortlisted for one of the divisions! It came as a surprise because I don't have any amazing achievements or extensive professional experience. We'll see what happens next though...