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  1. Hey Andy....I asked them about spring semester....they told me you do not need to re submit your application....just email the admission in early October to remind them and they will reconsider it automatically.
  2. Hey guys....I just received an Email from admission...they told me that my student visa was refused....I hope ur luck is better than mine...best of luck for you
  3. So the medical records are the reason !!! but what about masters degree...how late can we join ?!
  4. I sent all my vaccination records (except Mumps) at the end of July.....for the Mumps I had to do a blood test because I had no records and it took so long...I sent it alone on 18 August....So I guess the common thing between us is the late records?! may be it is the reason why the Visa is delayed!
  5. Hey man nice to meet you! there are other students too in the same situation...As I stated earlier I called SAO last Thursday and they told to just wait...I hope the situation gets resolved soon enough, as the problem is not only the lectures you miss... it is also choosing your supervisor
  6. The lady on the phone told me it is ok and to just wait for the Visa...it sounded like it is something pretty common, and there are other students too in the same situation.... She did not give an exact time for late arrival but she told me it is ok to arrive late that is all.
  7. Hello guys....Today I called SAO asking about the visa...they told me it is still under issuance and the reason of the delay is unknown...they told me that not only me having this problem and there are number of students with the same issue...Also they told me it is okay to arrive late because of this delay is out of our hands.
  8. I hope so man....The semester will begin next Sunday...I just really need to be there on time....I hope to meet you all there
  9. I sent them an email yesterday.....and to the moment they did not reply
  10. Any updates guys ?!! I sent them an email today but there was no reply from there side yet
  11. Man we are engineers....I don't think anyone of us has ever broke a law or did anything wrong! at least I know I never did, so what about this "security check"...I have been sending them emails a lot and the response is always the same: "Dear Abdelrahman, kindly note that your Visa is under issuance and we will contact you upon any updates accordingly" I am going to stop sending them emails for a while so, please guys give it a shot and email them and let us know! Also FYI, I know a Masdar graduate who told me the Visa may arrive late, and that they give you up to "one week" after the start of the semester to arrive their... this year the semester starts next Sunday 30/8.
  12. What rejection man ?! We are already accepted and the offer was also accepted....The Visa process should have been a fast and easy one....Yet it became very intimidating which is very unusual and weird
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