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  1. They called because I was a finalist in the Student Press Initiative Program, but he said that they still might not get me if someone else wants me or anyone for that matter. I am not sure if they interviewed everyone.
  2. I got a call from Zankel 1200 people applied. I am confused if the man on the phone said I got the award or not but he said that there is a selection process where they chose 160 applications from the 1200 and sent them off to the prespective slot holder (math buddies, reading buddies, Student press...) and from that they have a number of spots to fill. Mine was from Student Press and he said they chose 10 people...But he said everyone will find out in two weeks..GOOD LUCK!
  3. I had a phone interview with someone from Zankel yesterday apparently there were 1200 applications and from that they chose about 100 or so and then they are filling spots from that. He said they are submitting their choices friday and we would know in like two weeks.
  4. Got award letter today...they said everyone should get them soon.
  5. So I drafted up my letter of resignation the other day just to get a feel for what I was going to say. I've been nervous because I know my boss is going to freak out because most of the work we do occurs during the summer and I am leaving at the beginning of May. I have a messy desk and somehow the draft of my letter of resignation ends up in a folder of things for my boss to sign. I left the folder on my desk and my boss sees it and know its for her and looks through it!!! She did this two days ago and said nothing. Meanwhile stupid me is walking around the office craking jokes and what not a
  6. It is a scholarship. I do not know what they base it on, but I got it too... pretty substantial.
  7. April can come and go soon enough.

  8. I guess it depends on what you look for. I like New York and I am young. I have a fellowship from an outside source and am working on others. I have a free place to live in new york. I guess its all situational. Also my program offers really good internships that pay for things like housing or tuition points. So in the end it all works out. I'd rather be happy where I want to be than funded and unhappy. And am I mistake but I thought lots of Masters programs were less than ideal when it comes to funding?
  9. https://my.tc.columbia.edu/render.UserLayoutRootNode.uP?uP_tparam=utf&utf=%2fcp%2fip%2flogin%3fsys%3dsctssb%26url%3dhttps://info.tc.columbia.edu/pls/wwwprod/bwrkrhst.P_DispAwdAidYear https://my.tc.columbia.edu/render.UserLayoutRootNode.uP?uP_tparam=utf&utf=%2fcp%2fip%2flogin%3fsys%3dsctssb%26url%3dhttps://info.tc.columbia.edu/pls/wwwprod/bwrkrhst.P_DispAwdAidYear Here is a link that gives you all the tuition and fees for 2009-10 I'm not sure what they have changed to this year. Not all of them will apply, but it is a good guideline. Most people that do not have full time jobs
  10. To Teachers College at Columbia!! Thrilled. Thanks!

  11. congrats. you will change the world

  12. Hell yeah buddy, congrats, where to?

  13. I got my acceptance this morning. I almost had a heart attack couldnt even tell my mom on the phone!!! Masters In Higher and Post-secondary Administration!!!!
  14. Could be just to rake in revenue.
  15. I applied without knowing...I really felt like I didn't have enough time to develop my statement, but oh well. I have bigger things to worry about...like if I actually got accepted.
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