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  1. I had the same bad experience with WES.At the end of the day I just wanted to be done with it since it was just a formality.
  2. Most American universities rely on the World Education Services (WES) for an understanding of a foreign degree.The WES is essentially a company that converts your scores and grades to a US grading system.The process is called a credential evaluation.The WES provides you with a credential evaluation report consisting of your scores and its US conversion including the GPA and the US equivalent grades.You should go have a look at their website http://www.wes.org/ To my knowledge this is an essential part of your application. Hope this helps.
  3. Nope nothing so far.If we haven't been invited to an interview yet could that mean we are out?
  4. Thanks everyone for the information.I have also applied for a PhD program.I have not found anyone so far who's applied to the same program...But no I haven't heard anything about interviews or intimation of the sort....
  5. Has TC,Columbia sent out any notifications at all?About interviews or decisions?I have other things/options to respond to & I unfortunately have no time .Their delay in responding has made it very difficult for me to decide as to what to do.Does anyone have any inkling/clue at all about how long they will take?I was really keen on their program but am so confused right now Whatever decision it is I need to know!It's hard living like this in limbo
  6. I think you stand a good chance.Firstly I say this because you have a publication and that is a good thing.I do not have a publication and that worries me.It's a key booster to your application.Secondly,your GRE won't hurt much cos frankly your quant score is definitely good.I don't think verbal would be very important for your course.Having said that I would say that I am sure you could get into other universities,just not sure about Yale & MIT, cos you know how competitive these schools are.There's no harm in applying though cos I already said you would stand a good chance.So there you g
  7. I was just thinking who are the people that go though our application materials.One of my aunts (who's involved in the administrative departments of a university) says that it differs from one school to another.Who are the members of this committee that decide on taking in students?Does it only consist of Professors and Faculty members?I really would like to know...
  8. It means that some of the components of the application have still not been submitted.You might want to go through their check-list to see if you've sent in all the needed material...
  9. I've also applied to Rutgers,haven't heard a thing. But I heard they've made their decisions.I don't expect to get in anyway cos of my crap GRE.I remember here that someone got into New Brunswick. Good luck!
  10. I don't think it would make a difference.At the end of the day a university is more interested in what's your worth than what's your gender.Most/All of them clearly maintain a stance of equal opportunity irrespective of race,religion, gender etc as it must already be known...
  11. Why are you doing this to me TC? @ Angelicasassy I have been told by a reliable source that most of us would know of a decision next week.So it's not too far away.Fingers and toes crossed...Also TC gives out decisions later than most schools.Wonder why... BTW has anyone here been interviewed by your respective departments at TC?Are you guys expecting a decision post interview?
  12. I guess you are at the toughest point having an approach-approach conflict.I can understand why cos all of these schools are amazing. However,if I were you I would go for University of Michigan,Ann Arbor.It's an excellent school with great faculty.My cousin went there and loved every moment of it.Second preference would go probably for UC Davis. Good luck!
  13. I have the same concerns as you.Cos I am young, for a PhD in Education maybe (I think!Hope I'm wrong), and have one year plus four months teaching experience.I did some teaching during the summer when I was in my undergrad, like internships & stuff.I wonder if that counts.The only thing I am able to rely on are my GPAs, Personal statement and recommendations.I am also an international applicant.I wonder if that is an advantage or disadvantage...
  14. No you're not at all old to start your program.You're just the right age actually.Age is more of a crucial factor in programs of education.For instance if you apply to any School of Education most of the times the school is keen on knowing about your work experience and yes sometimes if you are older it works.Teachers who want to pursue research must have abundant work experience before applying...
  15. The Universities are just playing mind games with us I tell you.How terribly frustrating this whole process is ! Feb is technically over now with three more days...Anyway to answer your question I think it's got to do more with 'random tricks of scheduling'.
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