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  1. I assume at this point everyone has heard from most, if not all the schools they applied to. Best luck to you all on your graduate school career for the upcoming fall!
  2. I haven't eaten out in quite a few months now (not even for a cup of coffee). I also try to take buses as much as possible (saves money on gas). And I pack my lunch every day. Hear hear! Libraries are awesome. If I really need to buy books (leisure reading or a textbook) I buy them via my Kindle since the e-book prices are usually cheaper. Although Kindle kinda kills the actual reading feel (it's never the same as holding an actual book) but at least I don't have to lug around 4-5 textbooks daily haha (maybe that's an exaggeration).
  3. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (his songs suck btw - but that's just my opinion). I definitely heard more than I need to know about them at this point (and I'm pretty sure many people are getting sick of them too).
  4. Well, now that summer is approaching, for those living in the midwest/east coast, guess what that means with increasing humidity indoors (if you decide to save electricity bills by cutting down your AC use)? COCKROACH INVASION...
  5. Thanks sfrie! That admission in my signature is actually a professional master's degree program (that was a backup program I applied to in case if I am rejected from all the PhDs - I've been applying to various jobs as backup as well but no luck with them), but I'm okay with that too since my dream career is to work for a government agency or a company rather than to become a professor (and this 1-2 year program apparently trains their students on attaining these jobs well, seeing how most of their graduates have good stable jobs in gov't agencies as researchers afterwards - though my ultimate
  6. Just got rejected from my top choice At this point I guess I'll prepare myself to attend backup admittance!
  7. Not sure about the academia job prospects in fisheries here in the US with a doctoral degree from UK, but I do know that there are quite a few prominent fisheries/marine biology faculty in the US who pursued a doctoral degree at the University of British Columbia. McGill and Laval University are also good schools to pursue a PhD degree in fisheries and marine biology.
  8. I too am waiting for UCSC EEB. Still no word from them, but according to their application status page, supposedly they are expecting a higher volume of users this week, which means many admission decisions might be released this week. Haha PNW is a fun place to live. I heard from several colleagues who attended/worked at UW SAFS that many grad students at SAFS actually are not very happy with their current program and the professors there, so I guess it was kind of a good destiny for me not to get accepted lol (still it doesn't stop me from being disappointed with the rejection...).
  9. Rejected from University of Washington School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, but that was kinda expected, seeing how they only accept ~9-10% of applicants each year (according to UW grad admission statistics over 150 ppl apply every year and only 12-15 people get accepted, master's and PhD applicants put together). Also it seems like many professors are tight on funding... Still waiting from my other schools! Fingers crossed for everyone!
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