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  1. heu mihi

    Offer Accepted

    I accepted Northwestern's offer about a week ago. My only real option, but seriously the best place for me.
  2. heu mihi

    Chicago, IL

    So I've accepted Northwestern's offer and now know that I will definitely be in Chicago next year. I'm planning to live in Edgewater/Andersonville. Can anyone recommend places to check out (restaurants, bars, anything really) in that neighborhood and elsewhere? Particularly, any good grocery stores/ethnic markets/farm markets?
  3. heu mihi

    History 2010

    That's weird they would tell you that, because it seems they've already made their decisions. But I agree that they are being super shady this year. Also, just for more info, I don't know what field you're in, but I'm in medieval and was notified a couple weeks ago that I'm waitlisted, and I know of two modern European people who have gotten in.
  4. heu mihi

    Any advice?

    I'm going to repeat what a lot of people have said. Did you major in history in undergrad? Did you write a thesis? Honestly, if the answer is no to the latter, I would recommend doing an MA first as well. I'm coming straight out of undergrad (graduated '09), having completed a 70 page honors thesis which I defended for High Honors, with a very high GPA, good GRE scores, several awards, strong recommendations, and competency in all three languages I would need for grad school. And I got into one school, out of eight. The odds are extremely rough. And like others have said, fit is EVERYTHING. The two schools I got into and waitlisted at were absolute perfect fits, and I think that's the reason I got noticed there. My research was about as close as you can get to that of my potential advisors at those schools. You also need to be really, really sure this is what you want to do. Which is why I would recommend an MA, particularly if you have no experience with graduate level classes or executing a large independent research project. There is a HUGE difference between enjoying your undergrad history classes and reading about history, and becoming a professional historian. That being said, I would recommend checking out Northwestern. I know nothing about your area of study, but I'm attending Northwestern in the fall and I know they have a really strong program in African American and African Diaspora History. Also, they seem to have responded to the recession much, much better than a lot of schools. They still admitted the same number of students as usual (~30), all fully funded for 5 years, and from speaking to people in the department it seems like there is still plenty of money to go around. It seems like funding issues have been the reason so many of us have gotten so many rejections this year.
  5. heu mihi

    History 2010

    Yeah, I was at Northwestern's admitted students thing last week and a couple people there had gotten in as well. Weird that no one posted it on here. I heard a while back that I was waitlisted. I guess they've made their decisions.
  6. I was rejected by them through a personal email from a PA, but in the email he mentioned that I would be getting the official letter in the mail in the coming weeks. So I think you may have to wait for it by snail mail.
  7. Though I didn't end up applying to either schools, I had long considered both, and asked a prof of mine who knows a lot of people in the field about them. She told me straight up that I should not go to UCLA to study with Patrick Geary as he is not a very nice person and would make a terrible advisor. She had very kind words for Notre Dame, however. Who you study with is everything. I really don't get why so many people are so hung up on rankings on this board. For medieval history, Notre Dame is excellent, and it would be much better than UCLA. And Sabine MacCormack is totally unique in that she studies both medieval and Latin American history. So, if I were you, I would hands down, definitely choose Notre Dame.
  8. Haha, yeah, mine said the exact same thing. I too took it as a genuine compliment at first, but I guess it's just a stock phrase. Honestly, I take the whole MAPSS thing to be more of an insult than anything, given that it doesn't seem to be a great program, almost everyone who is rejected gets in, and it's just a cash cow for them for fund the people they really wanted.
  9. heu mihi

    History 2010

    I didn't contact them, just got an email around noon today. I had wanted to for the last few days, but was also too scared. I'm just glad it's all over now.
  10. heu mihi

    History 2010

    Just got waitlisted at NYU. Really, really bummed. But I guess, in a way, it's good. Northwestern is definitely the better program for medieval history, and if I had gotten into NYU it would have only tempted me away from the right choice, since I've wanted to live in New York so badly. Oh well, I guess it's fate.
  11. I feel like that was probably fake, or they're just late in posting it. Speaking of Columbia though, I got a really nice email from Adam Kosto (whom I had never been in contact with before) telling me (no surprise) that he was really sorry that I wasn't accepted, that my application was great, and that he looked forward to following my career in the future. Even though it was bad news, it still made me feel pretty good. Seems like a really nice guy, I hope someone here is lucky enough to work with him.
  12. heu mihi

    History 2010

    Has ANYONE heard ANYTHING from NYU yet? There was one acceptance posted but no one claimed it and there's not been a peep since. It's driving me crazy!!!
  13. Wait, where do you see application status? I don't see that on mine at all. Nevermind, figured it out. I never would have thought to check there though. Weird.
  14. I don't think the Philly one is low. It is ridiculously cheap to live in that city. An apartment in Chicago that goes for about $800 would probably go for about $500 in Philly.
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