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  1. wondering the same thing. any input would be helpful...
  2. lolacola

    Buffalo, NY

    now THIS was a very helpful post. I just found out I was accepted to SUNY Buffalo, and I have no clue about Buffalo at all. I've never been there, but somewhere in the back of my head have always wanted to move to upstate New York. What would you say the "character" of the city is? I know that's really hard to answer, but how does Buffalo see itself, or how do you see it? (Is it liberal? arty? historic? industrial? weird? apple-pie-mom-baseball? that sort of thing) Also, how is the music scene there?
  3. lolacola

    Portland, OR

    <br /><br /><br /> actually, you've gotten it wrong. The category "honored citizen" on TriMet is a special category of rider (and fare) that does not refer to older people but is sort of a catch-all that includes those who are disabled. I have friends (in their early twenties) who got "honored citizen" status on TriMet because they were in a court-ordered heroin cessation program, e.g.
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