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  1. Neist is correct, awardees find out the same time as everyone else. No interviews or other confirmation (besides an email).
  2. Award offered! This is a big surprise, I only got through two reviewers last year. E/E VG/VG VG/E
  3. I used headers last year to label my statements and include my name, and it wasn't a problem. Unless something has changed this year, it should be okay, but as psycspy said it's better to err on the side of caution.
  4. I don't think those exact headings are mandatory, but I think including some headings will help reviewers follow your writing more easily.
  5. I've heard that you shouldn't, although I can't recall exactly why.
  6. Is this a new rule? Last year, I put my name and the title of the essay in the header of each document and I was not disqualified....
  7. Anyone have any idea how likely it is to get nothing your first year applying (no award or HM), and then get an award your second year? I guess I'm feeling like my chances are crap next year if I didn't even get an HM this year.
  8. Not that it's too important, but for future years, the rejection email was titled: 2012 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Notification
  9. didn't get it. oh well, there's always next year. plus, two of my cohort-mates got it, so that's good for them
  10. I think Nic42 means here: https://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/grfp/AwardeeList.do?method=loadAwardeeList
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