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  1. Hi all, I'm from Vietnam, is holding a bachelor degree in Computer Science from my local university and want to pursue a research career in Medicine (aging, to be specific) in Europe/USA. I've got a few questions I would really appreciate any input to. First of all, my plan is getting a Biology master degree and then a Medicine PhD. Is that a good path in your opinions? Secondly, I'm preparing to apply to Biology (prefer wet biology to bioinformatics) master programs in Norway, Finland or Germany (I found a lot of free programs in those countries from masterportal.eu), but I lack the documentable biology background. I would retake those courses if only they didn't require too much lab time that I cannot take time off my job to study. Is the GRE in Molecular Biology or certified online courses (edX,...) a good replacement? Other than that, is there anything you think I should put attention to? Any input is much appreciated. Thank you very much.
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