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  1. I'm a current student in a Canadian school and can tell you that Canadian schools are also very competitive. This website shows the breakdown of requirements, and how many applicants there were last year and spots available for this year based on school. I would guess depending on the school that admission is 10-20% of applicants. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/orpas-program-requirements/ Also, all of those things you listed are important in the application! Every school weights it a little differently.
  2. About a week before I got the offer I sent an email to Janet asking if they started taking people off the waitlist and she said they're still waiting on a report from ORPAS before going to the waitlist.
  3. I was one of the first off the waitlist at Western after they found out acceptances/rejections from ORPAS and I found out May 16th last year
  4. Congrats to those of you that got in! Feel free to message me if any of you guys have specific questions about Western!
  5. Well our class currently has 40 people so it wouldn't surprise me if they increased by 5 considering other schools are increasing their numbers.
  6. I go to Western and one of the profs told us that you guys find out March 31st at midnight through your portal. I'm not sure about Toronto but I found out through an email on the morning of April 1st last year.
  7. I'm pretty sure it said that for me last year too so it probably doesn't mean much. They sent me an email on March 17th last year that I was on the waitlist and ended up scanning and attaching my letter to the email.
  8. I'm not sure how they do it at Alberta because they never told me what they calculated my GPA to be. I know for ORPAS they convert each class to a 4.0 scale and then average them.
  9. Hi everyone! I was in your shoes last year and now I'm a first year SLP student! Let me know if you have any questions because I know how stressful this time can be!
  10. Hello! Yes, many people apply in fourth year, but since I didn't find the program until third year, I had to do some of the prerequisites in fourth year. I ended up applying a year later after I graduated since it's better to apply after you have all of your prerequisites completed (although you don't have to). You need a four year degree in anything as long as you have the required prerequisites (many people get in with a BA). My advice would be to start volunteering with an SLP now to see if you like it and to accumulate volunteer hours, and start taking the prerequisite courses now. Also, focus on getting the best grades possible in your prerequisite courses as well as your GPA (they look at the last 2 years worth of credits at the time of applying). Let me know if you have any other questions!
  11. Hey fellow teacher! I've heard the GPA cutoff is usually around 3.7, so you should be okay, but not sure the accuracy of that. Just make sure you do the best you can on your prereqs! Have you tried looking for contacts on the QASLPA website? You can find all the SLPs practicing in your city and their contact info there. I volunteered with an SLP in a private practice, which is probably easier to get in as a volunteer because it's just up to the SLP whether they want to take you on rather than going through big organizations like hospitals. I also volunteered with a community group for people with aphasia so you could check to see there is anything like that in your city. Hope this helps!
  12. I declined U of A so hopefully that opens up a spot for someone on here
  13. Just got off the waitlist at Western! So excited!
  14. That's so weird! This is what I got from her today after I asked if the class is full yet: "we are waiting on our next report from ORPAS before going to ourwaitlist, which will likely only be for a very few. Janet"
  15. Just an update for people on the Western waiting list: I contacted Janet and she said that they're still waiting on a report from ORPAS so they haven't called anyone on the waiting list yet. She said they'll be taking very few people though.
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