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  1. Hi everyone, I have recently been admitted to the European University Institute (EUI), in Florence. The institute and its program seem very interesting to me, but due to its specific nature (it is not a university) it is not all that famous and it is hard to find serious opinions about it. I wonder: how good is the EUI for studies in Economics, and how does it compare with top British universities, say like Warwick (where I might also be admitted) ? Has anyone here been there ? Thanks, Aschkan
  2. Hi, I am a student in Applied Mathematics from ETH but I am doing my master thesis in the Economics department and I am mainly taking PhD courses in Economics. The ETH Zurich Economics department is of moderate size, but remains competitive in the german-speaking world. I believe it to be perfect for students looking for a demanding and liveable PhD : you will get from it what you put in it. The environment is close to perfect and the salary (yes, salary not scholarship) is amazing. It is not a department applying pressure on its PhDs but if you look for challenge, you'll find it. It is one
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