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  1. As you pointed out, I noticed that many schools accept late LoRs. But the fact that admission committees did not raise any issues regarding late LoRs in the past does not necessarily mean that they will take the same action this year. This is why I sent the email to those three schools. Your explanation about why my professor was upset was very helpful to understand her perspective. But, as you said, I still believe it is true that she did not fulfill her duty to write the letter (if she does not want, she should have clearly told me that she could not write the letter, so that I could find ot
  2. As you suggested, I asked some of my professors about whether to send an email to the admission committee or not. They said I should, so I sent out emails to three schools a few days ago. One of those schools replied to me that they did receive that professor's email of blaming me, but assured that they would not attach that letter to my application. No replies from the other two schools though. By the way, your direction for how to write this email was very much helpful. I really appreciate it.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I secured five profs/employer, so I could quickly replace her. Your comments of A and B about her are correct, and I agree with your saying that feeling rude is subjective. But ccing school admission staff in that blaming email was way too much. I feel, as she felt I was rude, that this is obviously a form of abusing her power/status as a professor and recognize it as a violence. You are right. I guess opening the fight against her will be more harmful to me than to her. So my thought now is to contact to the vice president/president of the school/university a
  4. Hi all. I did my master's program in France and this year, I applied to PhD schools in the US. During the application process, however, I had a very experience with my master thesis supervisor (French, research prof), so I am wondering how to deal with this issue. At the end of November, she said she would submit the recommendation letter that I drafted whenever she could. But even after the deadline on Dec 15th, she did not upload the letter to several schools. I sent her reminders through the schools' application systems, wrote her a personal email, but she did not answer. A
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