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  1. Yes I agree, but then there is one more round! Which hopefully is soon...good luck let us know if you hear back. If I don't get in I might go for the hsbw next year so finding out about that gave me hope about my future. Any idea when the last wave will be? I know this is all speculation but it's fun to set goals not to check until a certain day, gets a little less obssessive.
  2. For those who were accepted in previous years, did you have a lot of research experience? the only research experience I've had was based on my 6 credit field research class...which was self directed but nothing formal or published. Other than that no research so I'm a bit worried that will be my demise. As for experience I was an outreach worker in Montreal and did social circus with youth living involved in street related activities. And am really interested in circus arts based research but maybe that's too out there for u of t. i was going a bit crazy so figured I'd po
  3. Anyone hear back from u of t???? is it in waves or just random? Will we not hear for another ten days?? That could be good so as to not obsess. It seems those who were accepted had a lot of research experience so far... Gawww so painful
  4. Hi everyone, This is my first year applying for a two year msw and I'm extremely nervous. My GPA is OK, not the best, but a little above a b+. I've also gone to five universities, so I hope they don't look at that negatively. I have about one year of experience as an outreach worker and the rest of so so experience at a youth shelter. I'm so ready to do this and am dreading getting a rejection letter but know that it is very possible. My question is, ive only applied to York and Toronto , I absolutely want to live in Toronto, is this a mistake? Should I apply to more schools?
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