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  1. I've been accepted to the U of A as well! This was my second time applying. So happy it worked out this time! I will definitely be accepting the offer.
  2. For the third time applicants here, how have you been dealing with academic references? I'm a second time applicant and I'm worried about having to ask my professors to submit their references yet again next year if this year doesn't work out. I graduated last year and have since been working as a speech language assistant. Aside from a couple online courses, I haven't been in school for quite a while. I'm worried that asking for another reference might be too much to ask for when I haven't been in their classes for two years. Any advice?
  3. Was on the phone with Dalhousie this morning and apparently the committee made their decision this morning. Good luck to everyone who applied.
  4. I'm in the same boat! They told me they didn't have my GRE scores a couple of weeks ago, so I re-sent them and still haven't heard anything back from the department. I'm wondering if I should send them an email to make sure they actually did receive them this time. I'm not really a fan of the Dal application to be honest. It seems really disorganized with some things needing to be sent in the mail and others not.
  5. Is anyone applying to US schools? It's hard to even begin to know which ones to apply to because of how many there are! I have a linguistics degree and all the prereqs for the Canadian schools but since I don't have a Communication Sciences undergrad degree, it seems like I would have to do a post-bacc at any school in the States. I haven't really started looking into it, so I don't know about how expensive it would be to do a masters there either. Any advice is appreciated!
  6. Hey everyone, I am a second round applicant applying to U of A, McGill, Western, Dal, and McMaster. I was wondering for anyone applying to McGill, how did you upload your CV to your online application? I can't seem to find anywhere to do so!
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