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  1. Just found out USC PIBBS has sent a rejection two days ago; it ended up in my spam box. Not bothered by it as I have much better choice now:) I am but a bit surprised as I deemed it as a safe option. Curious if any international students residing outside US have received interview invitation from them? Maybe that piece of information would be helpful for later international applicants.
  2. They are sending interviews in batches(at least 4 batches as I know), not sure if they are done sending interviews. Good luck!
  3. Congrats! Same as you! This is my first offer. Finally I could calm down, as I could finally continue doing research as a PhD student...
  4. Thanks for your info, and congrats! I will try to calm down and prepare for my next interview. Finger crossed!
  5. may I ask which program in camb? I am getting anxious...
  6. Chinese student here.. As far as I know, many European schools hope Chinese students to take fundings themselves. Otherwise, it would be difficult to find a suitable lab there. In US, some top schools are requesting Chinese students to take funding from Chinese government now. 3 or 4 years ago Harvard BBS required students to take funding themselves (from the government), maybe HMS has stopped doing so these two years. Yale BBS is very very welcome to students taking fundings themselves (take 20 students per year). But these fundings have also put Chinese applicants who want to apply
  7. I think the most important thing is to be prepared for your own research experience. So far, I think most faculty will not ask much about the details, but be prepared! I asked about the program, their opportunities, asked about potential areas I want to learn about but haven't got experience thus far... It is really like you are also interview them when they are interviewing you... That was a skype interview, I think onsite interview would make interaction more possible, and that's the good thing. BTW, when are you interviewing WUSTL exactly? I will also have my onsite interview(first ons
  8. I contacted them yesterday and they are still in the process. But I am an international student and not sure if it would be the same for native applicants.
  9. Hi, are there some international students residing outside US who got GSK interview here? Have you heard about their skype interview arrangement so far? Not hearing anything makes me anxious, and I am afraid this coming arrangement would have time conflict with another skype interview(which will conduct in four different times). And both programs are my top choices now…lol Another thing is, does anyone know if baylor college of medicine-MCB program has sent interview invitation or not?In the result, someone has posted rej through email. I guess they should have sent their interview
  10. me too, I thought i was already rejected... surprised
  11. congrats! When did you receive the notification? I noticed some posted the interview invite yesterday, not sure if you received yours yesterday or just now. My mail is still empty, sort of crazy now.
  12. Congrats to your interview invitations! I just got my first official rej from OHSU... not so sad about it actually. I am more concerned about not hearing from Weill Cornell, though... Feels like another silent rej, not sure if I could still have some hope……
  13. interview from sloan kettering too!!! I gave it a try only because I love it very much, but I didn't count on it. Came as a big surprise! happy!
  14. Thanks very much for your info!These programs are indeed hard to reach… just hope some, or even just oe of them, would accept me… good luck to you too!
  15. Hi all, I've been lurking for a while before wanting to post my status... I am not sure if I would get an offer from one of the programs I applied. Undergrad Institution: a top 9 Chinese university(definitely not top 2; I think it's safe to say top 5 actually) Major(s): Pharmacy(mainly focusing on pharmacology) Minor(s): GPA in Major: 3.97/4.0 Overall GPA:3.91/4.0 Position in Class: top 5% Type of Student: Female, International; also belong to honor college in our school (but maybe not helps...) GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 170 V: 160 W: 4.5 B: TOEFL Total: 107 (S 23) R
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