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  1. That's a little comforting! It's my number 1 choice, I hope everything works out!!
  2. Sorry maybe I wasn't clear - I think they are still offering the interviews out! There are a ton of weekends (I needed to change my interview date and they offered me basically any weekend in February) so I believe they're having a visiting weekend every weekend in February. Nothing is scheduled yet either, so I think its still in the 'planning' stages! YOU GOT THIS
  3. @Bioenchilada if you received an opportunity to interview with UPENN CAMB, what are the chances of getting in post interview?
  4. Has anybody heard from the Yale BBS - MMPP PhD program?
  5. I heard back from UNC right before the holidays - December 22 I believe. But, I'm pretty sure they're slowly trickling in. **EDIT** Also - the office has yet to get back to me about any travel information, whereas most other programs got back to me right away. I think that maybe they are still getting back to applicants.
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