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  1. ruby324

    Worried for the summer..

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one feeling this way and yes I am going to apply for more internships. I think I'm also going through the "imposter syndrome phase" right now so I was feeling even more anxious.
  2. ruby324

    Worried for the summer..

    Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct thread. But my question is, what do grad students do in the summer? I started in January 2018 and I'm almost finished my first semester in a course-based masters program at a school 5 hours from my hometown. I'll be heading back for the summer. Now I'm confused about what I'm going to do in the summer. I seem to be a much slower learner than everyone here. I applied to a few summer internships but haven't heard anything back yet. I want to take this short 2 week seminar/workshop that's related to my field. And I'm also planning on writing 2 actuary exams in the summer. But if I don't get any internships, am I the worst graduate student to ever exist? What else could I try for? I'm legitimately stressed out about how this lack of work will look in future interviews for jobs etc. Thanks for any advice.
  3. ruby324

    Advice on acceptance

    I was in the same boat a few days ago actually! One of my professors recommended that I email the school that had given me an offer and to ask for an extension to accept/decline. They were really nice and agreed. You've already accepted, but in the future if you or anyone else reading this ever runs across this situation again, I think asking for an extension is also a good idea.
  4. Anyone starting Carleton in the upcoming winter semester? Which program? And where do you plan on living - residence (Leeds) or off-campus?
  5. ruby324

    Starting in the winter term..

    Thank you for the advice! I don't know why I'm freaking out about everything. Maybe it's because I no longer have to stress about whether I'll actually get in. I guess all that energy is now being used to panic about essentially everything else. I will definitely try your idea for setting a goal to talk to at least one new person everyday!! Hopefully it all works out.
  6. Sooo I got into grad school and I am over the moon because I never thought I even stood a chance...except now I'm starting to panick because I'd be starting in the winter term. My program has fall and winter entry. But I'm afraid that I might be the only 'new kid' entering this upcoming semester and that everyone has already formed their little groups having started in the fall semester. I'm generally a VERY shy and awkward person and I'd be moving to a completely different city. Kinda afraid of being super lonely when I get there. Can anyone that started in the winter session offer any advice or tips?

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