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  1. Hey JT, I'm trying to target the best professional school as well. Seeing how you attended Queen's, did you consider the Queen's MPA? How do you think U of T and Queen's compares? I do like the one year thing for Queen's program and but feel like I wouldn't really want to live in Kingston and would much rather prefer the city of Toronto. But I'm sort of worried Toronto's MPP program might be too new.
  2. Only thing I know about Queens, and this somewhat influenced my decision to apply there, is from a colleague, who is now a Senior Manager at my firm, who did his there. He served as IPAC President for NRC region and said good things about queens. Besides that I don't know job statistics. I lightly researched a bit on recent alum on LinkedIn (you can check who worked on the Queens Policy Review (which seems to list a large part of the cohort) and look them up). The shorter one year is a plus for me at Queens, but a possible downside in terms of jobs, is that the one year with 5 courses a semester won't really allow time to learn French or another language. This could impact you if you intend on trying to get into the Feds. Other schools will give you enough time to pursue this in 2 year programs with less courses a semester. So that could impact where/how you intend to work. I would assume most Queens grads go for consulting (where I am now), or Ont gov, or NPOs and private. I did see U of T list where alum worked and what sectors/percent worked after graduation but couldn't find that on the Queens website.
  3. Congrats on Carleton! I don't know if there is a way to properly assess chance of Queen's funding, because they say they consider grades, SOPs, reference letters (your whole application profile basically) and choose the top/deserving candidates from the pool that accepts the offers. All I know is I think they generally give less funding than Carleton but its a year shorter.
  4. awesome, did they say anything about funding? I'm still waiting on Carleton and Toronto.
  5. Wow!! congrats and thanks for letting us know. Looks like the first round of Carleton offers are trickling out.
  6. I also received an offer. My letter did not specify amounts. It said that funding would be awarded after acceptance for those the admissions deemed deserving based on "strongest overall application" you submitted (so your SOP, reference letters, grades, experience etc.). Once they determine the pool of candidates who are attending, they will decide from that grouping who the strongest candidates are. Only details I know is that there is a limited amount awarded,and limited TA/RAships. There is also the internship route but apparently that is very competitive to get. I'm not banking on anything generous. One other person mentioned she received a 5k offer, but she applied for the joint JD/MPA so their funding protocol may be different.
  7. Have not heard back from U of T. I did hear their offers should come early March.
  8. I was thinking to send an email and say something like: "Hello, I received an offer of admission from another University with a deadline to reply by mid-March. Blank is a top choice for me. I would like to know about the status of my application. Also, is it possible to know about my acceptance before mid-march?" As another alternative, is it possible to accept an early offer, then withdrew and accept another one that comes along? losing maybe deposits
  9. I was thinking to email. "Hello, I received an offer of admission from another University with a deadline to reply by mid-March. Blank is a top choice for me. I would like to know about the status of my application. Also, is it possible to know about my acceptance before mid-march? Thanks so much "
  10. Queens has a good poli sci reputation and has strong connections with the Ont gov. I would rank Queens up there with Dal and Carleton, maybe after those two. Carleton is more Federal connected. So maybe it could depend on where you intend to work or what you want to build experience towards.
  11. I received a Queens MPA offer of acceptance Feb. 17, but no word from U of T MPP yet.
  12. Congrats! My deadline to accept feels pretty early, and I'm not sure I will hear from the other schools before then. Have you thought about contacting schools in case they do not respond before the deadline to accept at Queens?
  13. @Emnikki if you don't mind me asking, have you heard back from other MPA choices?
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