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  1. I've been recommended for an NSF DDRI but I am having trouble finding the procedure for actually receiving the funds when the time comes, after they've officially approved the grant. I have been looking through the NSF grants manual but it's not so clear - would love to hear from real people in plain language what their experience was. NSF documents routinely refer to expense "reimbursements" ... if it is a reimbursement, does that mean every expenditure has to be logged and processed individually? That can't be right, since these grants are so small anyway! I know it will ultimately go through my university, but I cannot find guidelines from my university either. Anyone with experience, please share how you received funds in the end and what the reporting process is like. Thank you!!
  2. Thanks for the reply! I was afraid you would say August. That's a really long time! I have applied to Geography and Spatial Sciences in the past and heard back within about 3 months...
  3. when was the STS deadline? did they accept ddig's in feb this year (website says august only deadline for ddig)?
  4. I think the time frame for decisions is usually about 3.5 months if there aren't extenuating circumstances (like a government shutdown). I applied last round and that's about how long it took for GSS.
  5. Can't speak for the OP, but I know in my case whether or not I get external funding affects whether or not I will be on campus (or away doing funded research) and using or not using my assistantship.
  6. Has anyone in Geography & Spatial Sciences heard anything yet? My status date and PO changed in Fastlane this week, so thinking decisions are coming soon.
  7. I'm also interested in hearing more about geography at UGA if anyone has any insight they want to share. I was accepted to the PhD program recently and am excited about the faculty/program there, but there seems to be a dearth of people talking about UGA in these forums. I had thought it was a pretty highly regarded program for human geography...
  8. Waiting on Georgia (Athens). Anyone else apply there? Looks like a great program to me. I'm also sort of waiting on KY, but I didn't actually get my completed application in until last week. Their website seems to indicate that they take applications on an ongoing basis, so I'm not sure whether or not I still have a shot there. I'm also in the bunch of Berkeley/Clark rejects.
  9. I also applied abroad and the different notification cycles are indeed frustrating. I applied to UPEACE in Costa Rica, which initially said they would notify in Mar. but then extended both their application and notification deadline ... my plan is to contact them and explain my situation, and hope they are responsive. That's basically what I did for my other international application, Leeds University, and it worked out fine (accepted this week). I am also waiting to hear back from SIS ... they said they would notify by end of the month at the latest and have already started sending out results. It appears that they send hard copies exclusively (no email or web notification).
  10. Yes - I am still waiting. I applied to the NRSD dual program though, and the application also has to be reviewed by UPEACE in Costa Rica ... not sure how that will affect timing.
  11. I also applied to HASTS but have heard nothing (no interview invite). How did it go? Have you heard back from them yet? I of course don't expect to make it far in the admissions process but I'm still anxious nonetheless. I hope they don't make me wait until April for a rejection letter!
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