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  1. That's great I would like to know what the next process is? Do you log in to your SOLAR System already? I have already accepted an offer but still havn't log in to the SOLAR. Do your apply for the housing already? I applied the graduate hall 2. Do you know whether the medical report form only take place at SG or it can take place at where we came from as we are international students?
  2. Hi bro, Have you already asked whether the scholarship covers tuition fees or not?
  3. Congrats to you I think it is included the tuition fee as it mentioned on the website. You should email them for sure. I have been received the offer today but there was no scholarship for me.
  4. Hi roboticx I think the email that you received is the tentative offer from NTU. After this stage the school will send your application to the main graduate studies office (ntu itself not the division or school) , so you have to wait for the official confirmation and the scholarship info from the main office. Which scholarship do you apply to?
  5. Congratulations that you found your proposed supervisor. I think that it can be called a shortlisted interview. Don't need to be worry. They will ask you about your academic interest or maybe the topic of your research proposal. Good luck and finger crossed !
  6. I think you are on the waitlist. I guess. Just wait for the faculty level to email back.
  7. OMG, I havn't received mine yet. Very nervous. Who is the sender ? The ntu graduate studies office , right?
  8. Psychology is in the school of HSS right? Do you have any friends who get accepted from the school of HSS yet?
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