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  1. Got word from Cornell that there are two people who haven't accepted their offer yet. Makes it hard to make decisions when others aren't making decisions, and vice versa. Got accepted to Goldsmiths, CGU, and SAIC. Hopefully this will be settled by the end of the week! Would love to share good news like so many of you have! Congrats on everyone who has made their decision and good luck to everyone still deciding.
  2. Curious. Anyone on here actually get accepted to Cornell's MFA program yet? I'm on the waitlist and the wait is killing me
  3. Haven't heard from photo, but have heard from painting. I will say though they notified over 2 weeks ago and if you haven't heard anything at all its probably not a good sign.
  4. Cornell made their list a few weeks ago. Haven't heard on here from anyone who got in, but a few of us were waitlisted.
  5. Interviewed at Goldsmith's! Cornell - Waitlisted CGU - Accepted SAIC - Interviewed Goldsmith's - Interviewed Yale - Rejected UCLA - Waiting Painting MFA btw
  6. Also waitlisted at Cornell. Good luck to everyone who was asked to interview!
  7. Accepted to CGU this morning via email! I also heard that Cornell is making their interview list today, so good luck to everyone who applied!!!
  8. Have a friend at Columbia, can confirm this. Columbia is also rumored to be looking for a specific demographic racially too.
  9. There is an area in the application for concentration. You can look in the form PDF.
  10. SAIC - Interview Yale - Rejected Cornell - Waiting Goldsmith's - Waiting Claremont Graduate - Waiting UCLA - Waiting Cal Arts - Interview
  11. I applied to Goldsmiths and haven't heard anything yet. Recently checked my status too.
  12. Yup Formally rejected. Congrats to everyone who got an interview and good luck on the trip. I knew Yale was a quarter in the slot machine for me, so this doesn't come as a huge let down. Hope everyone gets in somewhere they wanted!
  13. even if you get a fee waiver you have to go up and around the block to get it. For UCLA I had to prove I was practically living in a box to get my fee waiver.
  14. I applied for painting/printmaking and i don't have the changed status. It could mean a potential acceptance or it could just be a glitch. Either way nothing negative about it! Congrats to all who got it. We'll probably get official news 2 am tomorrow morning
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