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  1. Glad to hear that you recommend Kaplan because that's the book I have been using for my prep. It's easy to understand, they lay it all out very nicely. I've been using Barron's Essential Words for the GRE for high frequency words. It has definitions, matching exercises, fill in the blanks and sense or nonsense practice in context. As you mentioned, it's really just a measure of how well you take the GRE so that takes some of the pressure off, I think.
  2. Lucky you! I take the GRE in 30 days. I also hated the analogies so I'm hoping I'll do better this time. Overall, I dread it because I hate standardized tests but all I can do is my best!
  3. I agree. Prof. Y may be the person who will encourage you to apply.
  4. That's so encouraging to hear! Thanks for sharing that piece of info. I think most M.A. advisors in my department strongly encourage us to present because they are convinced it will look better on our applications. I felt rather insecure when I presented but at least I got lots of comments/interest. I just don't feel the need to "get out there" just yet. Did the faculty member who made that comment indicate when he thought was the best time to start presenting?
  5. Hi crazedandinfused, Two of my letter writers asked for my CV and for info reading my involvement on campus. So if you have received any academic awards (not only for $$ but for service) or if you worked or volunteered on campus or if you were actively involved in any student government or student associations, if you were involved in department activities or symposia, you might think about making a list of those activities and including it in your LOR request. This type of info could help the professor portray a more well-rounded picture of you, your abilities and your enthusiasm.
  6. I also took the GRE several years ago and I also didn't study for it! I don't know why I thought I could just do it on my own without preparing. This time I really want to do my best so I need to be much more prepared. Unfortunately I can't afford one of those expensive GRE courses (and who has time?). I am sitting for the test on 30 September. 2 months to go! Does anyone have December deadlines? I have one on 1 Dec, but most are in Jan/Feb.
  7. Makes sense to me. I quite enjoy having this support and sharing the experience.
  8. Hi goldilocks, You've described my summer exactly! When I work on my thesis, I worry about the GRE and when I study for the GRE, I worry about completing apps, All the while I feel guilty about not getting more work done on my thesis . . . and round and round I go! YOu're not alone in your feeling about the GRE experience. Standardized tests are the worst. If you only took it 2.5 years ago, I believe you can still use the same score. Or do you prefer a more recent score? I got 2 GRE books at the Borders liquidation sale and may join a campus GRE study group. Wouldn't it be great if we
  9. I'm at the exact stage you're at, goldielocks. I just registered to take the 'new' GRE in September. I loathe the idea of taking it and I don't have lots of time to prepare for it. Started two of my applications and contacted 3 more potential advisors, but need to focus more on my MA thesis so I can hand my draft in to my thesis chair by the end of August. Care to share your nightmare?
  10. I'm applying to Birkbeck, King's, Queen Mary, Warwick; and possibly Cambridge, Essex, Leeds and IHR. Still have a few more to look at. A contact on Twitter directed me to a list of UK schools in my field so I am trying to get through it. And you're right ~ it is overwhelming. There is someone at Cambridge I would love to work with and I intend to apply for a Gates Scholarship for that. I also feel it's a long shot but worth a try. Cambridge is tricky to understand because you have to apply to 2 colleges. And I have no idea how to choose the colleges. One of my profs said choose the one my targ
  11. Thanks, goldielocks. Do you have any idea yet to which schools you might apply? Don't forget Fulbright opportunities, Rotary, and Rhodes (for Oxford).
  12. I'm applying to British PhD programs for 2012 entry. So far I'm 100% sure about 4 schools I'm applying to and I have 3 more as possibilities. I have even gone over to meet a few of professors (who were all very welcoming, and one keeps in touch via email regularly). I was lucky enough to meet up with one of the professors twice when he came here to give a talk near my university.He was kind enough to spend a second afternoon talking with me. While in EngIand I attended a few Open Evenings and took a few campus tours, met some prospective students and even took a bus ride with a professor wh
  13. Nice to hear from you! I have to gear up for the GRE. I took it many years ago but I plan to take it over again this summer. I have also found that most of my professors say the GRE score is usually only weighed in if the applicant has a low GPA or other weaknesses. If your LORs are strong, that's a big plus. Like you, I've made contact with many potential PhD supervisors and I've had very good luck with their encouragement. My advisor also recommended applying to History Depts that know her. Never thought about that before she suggested it.
  14. Congrats on getting in! I'm applying to several UK universities for grad school (if I can figure out the funding). Cambridge is on my list . Hoping I can start Spring 2012. Do keep us informed on your experience, it's very exciting!
  15. There 2 reasons for my two MAs: #1 When I finished my MA in Linguistics, I knew did not want to take my PhD in Linguistics and I wanted to have more teaching options. Since I had a huge historical component to my research, I joined the History Dept. #2 I wanted to shave a bit of time off my PhD. I guess it's a little bit like having a double major as an undergrad. I'm actually in the U.S. but have done a bit of teaching in the UK and I like the 3-year cap on the PhD program. It's research-based all around and suits me perfectly. But the reality is that I will apply to both US and UK p
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