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    I'm considering a PhD program at UConn and visited the campus last month for a recruitment visit. It seemed like the grad students and faculty were all pretty spread out--I think Manchester is the only area where more than one person told me that they lived. I really love the program, but I'm trying to convince both myself and my husband that we can find an area that we will like to live in for the next four years. Some of the things on our wish list: House with a yard for the dog Near people of a similar age (we're in our early 30s...definitely want to avoid the undergrad sce
  2. Thanks, I wouldn't consider it low-ranked (sport management is a pretty niche PhD program; there aren't formal rankings published but the department head is the current recipient of the top lecturer award in this field), though they definitely expressed that a reason for a quick deadline was so that if I do turn them down, they can offer to the next student in line before that student accepts elsewhere. In terms of programs, it's top two for me in terms of research match, but I have some concerns about the cost of living in the area, for which knowing how the funding stacks up against th
  3. This past Monday, I was accepted to a PhD program, but they have given me a two-week deadline to accept their offer. From the acceptance letter: "Please respond as soon as possible, or at the latest within two weeks, as assistantship funds are limited." I've also been accepted to two other schools, both of which are giving me until April to make the decision (and both of which have not sent final information on the funding package). I may not have funding information from those schools until the end of the month, after this two-week deadline has passed. When my advisor told me a
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