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  1. I know (really I know) that publications are not required for admission to top PhD programs, and even that some people advise against publishing early. So don't worry about that. But I would like to bolster my application for next round, however possible. Does anybody know of decent journals that publish history of philosophy articles, especially classical German philosophy (Kant, Hegel) in English? I know of Kant-Studien, Kantian Review, Kant Studies Online, Hegel Bulletin, Journal of the History of Philosophy (and other general history journals), Archiv fur Geschichte der Philosophie, and that's about it. The problem is that these that I know of are pretty heavy-hitting: attracting top scholars, extremely competitive, and whatnot. Are there any professional journals (not graduate journals) in this area that a budding German philosophy scholar might submit to? (And also general thread for journal questions I guess, for those with different interests)
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