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  1. Hi Livka, Congratulations on your admission to Cambridge! Thank you for your insight. It's true that it hasn't been very long (week 7), so I'll give it a bit longer before getting worried. I have a friend whose application took about three months to be accepted (June), but they were European. I'm Canadian, so I think I would need to have an answer by early June to have enough time to sort out my visa, secure student loans, to plan departure, etc. I feel a little stressed, but hopefully they take that into consideration for international applicants!
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to understand the admissions process for King's College London. I've applied for a taught MSc. I am most familiar with the North American system where we tend to submit applications by a specific deadline and then all candidates are evaluated and ranked. Schools usually start out sending out acceptance letters according to their list around April/May. If you haven't received a response promptly by June, it's safe to say that you are a fence-sitting candidate, waitlisted or rejected. The UK appears to be a bit different. They have a rather late deadline of Mar
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