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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I've been in communication with the program director. Final decisions are being made.
  2. Anyone applying to St. Cloud State University?
  3. Hey all. Still waiting to hear back from St. Cloud State University. Anyone know about the department? How many people they accept? Difficulty to get in? Any info you have would be great. I'm anxiously waiting to hear back.
  4. As others surly are, i'm stressed over acceptance. So, here it is. Applied to Saint Cloud State University in the MS I/O program. Graduated from a Tier 1 research university, have excellent LOR, 3 years research experience as an undergrad, co-authored publication, solid personal essay, GPA 2.99 /3.22 last 60 credit hours (their required GPA is 2.75.) My GRE verbal was 67th percentile, quantitative 35th. and AW 3.0. I'm also 28 and have been out of school a few years working. I understand this is not a competitive program, however i'm still stressed. What are my chances? Thoughts?
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