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  1. Sorry... I didn't actually watch the video when I posted, and it is pretty annoying. I apologize, I just thought the song was funny. Cut me a break, folks, we all had our thing in the 90s!
  2. Hey guys! I think this is a fun thread, so we should keep it up. After the long mess of applications and decisions, its nice to hear that we made it to the other side alive. Although I've already posted it elsewhere a trillion times, no harm in sharing that I am off to Emory in the fall and very, very happy with my decision! Good luck to those still waiting or still tossing between options! To those folks that didn't have the most encouraging application season this year, keep your chin up!! You have time to make self discoveries that will open new doors to new opportunities that will r
  3. *GASP*, You mean you'll have NO debt?!? What are you waiting for! GO! You will get a job down the line, never you mind about that. If you are passionate about your research, then go for it! I would still check with current grad students and POI. It's not annoying, it just shows that you're interested and seriously considering their offer. The current grad students were incredibly helpful at my future department, and I've found that most of them are more than happy to spill the beans. Definitely find one or two to contact. Most are used to it anyways. Well, that's my two cents anywho.
  4. Suspechosa, I understand your dilemma. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to your first choice pick!! VERY impressive, especially given how competitive this year was. Now, I would say its time to examine your current financial situation. How much debt did you accrue during undergrad? For me, I made the mistake of going massively into student loan debt as an undergrad (grrr... the things that don't seem to compute when you're 17!), so there is no way I would be able to pay for my first year in. However, if you are not massively in debt already, you still have room to weigh your
  5. Hey Catch, How's the decision-making going? I see you may be considering some new options as well? As far as neighborhood or quadrants, it really just depends on your tastes. PDX has a neighborhood for everyone. Downtown/Pearl District is great if that fits your kind of lifestyle, or the NW/SW if you want to live near more parks/hiking (Forest Park, Goose Hollow, Nob Hill, Southwest Hills), Alberta Arts (one of my favorites!!) has great eats/lower rent/great "artsy scene". Other great areas (again, depending on your tastes): Hawthorne district, Belmont district, Sellwood, St. Johns...
  6. I just reread this. I didn't mean to be pushy. I meant to go with what makes you happiest *all around*. If you will be happier in the long run with your career as a pharmacologist, choose that path, and vice versa. Either way, congratulations on having such great options!
  7. Hmm... well, I don't have any insight into this pharmacology business. I suppose you could be right. I still say go for the research that is fun and exciting and that you are the happiest about. In the end, that is what matters in my book. It's not like you can't make enough money to live happily as a neuroscientist. I think its kind of hard to help out on this one because it depends on where your priorities lie. Good luck, in any case! I am sure you will choose the one that fits you best. Yes, let me know if you have any PDX questions. I live in the NW near Washington Park/Forest Park, pri
  8. OHSU. I study behavioral neuroscience, but from an evolutionary perspective. I currently live in Portland. I LOVE it here, absolutely love it. It is in an incredible city to live in. I am very excited to move on to my new graduate program, but sooo sad to leave PDX. 25.5 is more than enough to get by and live happily here. I don't think you need to worry about income tax. They level out everything by having NO SALES TAX, so all food, supplies, etc. that you buy are exactly the price on the sticker. It saves you lots when you compare the grocery bills. You can find a great apartment out here
  9. Sorry Urojas! Somehow I completely missed this post. Hmm... let's think about this. I currently live in an extremely public-transportation-friendly city, and I am moving to a city where, well, that's not the case... so I feel your pain. Have you visited yet? Mostly everyone drives cars, unfortunately. It has been a while since I've lived there, so it is quite possible that they have amped up their bussing system since then. I would check into this: http://www.gohart.org/ride_guide/usf/usf-upass.html It looks like they have a deal for USF students. Come to think of it, my brother did not
  10. I vote research and adviser ALL THE WAY. And, UO is lovely! You will *definitely* make new/close friends. Go forth, fret not, and good luck!
  11. ANP

    UC Davis

    My thoughts exactly, Pallida.
  12. I agree with you completely. I was asking merely out of curiosity as to the nature of these rankings that are supposedly guiding us along the decision making process... That being said, that was all sound advice. Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS! I wonder which one you will choose... ??
  13. Thank you SO MUCH, LemurLady!
  14. I see on the results page that someone got waitlisted for the evolutionary anthropology program @ Duke today. I know that they already did the first round of acceptances/rejections... but what about the rest of us that haven't heard a *peep* from them?! Did they just forget to send my rejection with the rest, or is there some sort of magical end-of-March second wave of admits? I would just like to hear soon so I can seal the deal once and for all. Thanks, guys!
  15. Oh liszt85, I'm so sorry!! I meant to give you a positive ding for your excellent advice and I accidently hit the "-" button! Now I don't know how to fix it. Hopefully, one of the administrators will chime in and tell me how to reverse it. Anyways, the point was, this is very sound advice! Your relationship with your POI is everything... EVERYTHING. Sorry again :\
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