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  1. Another first year grad here...I'd add that you should trust yourself and know when you need to make a change (say by dropping a course, otherwise changing your courseplan for the year, or hiring a tutor sooner rather than later for a subject that is required but you aren't familiar with).
  2. I'm also moving across the country, in the opposite direction...MA to CA. I'm trying to figure out what other people do with their things when they move across country....Should I bring my books and all of my clothes, including the winter clothes? I don't want to burden with parents with storing all of my things, especially since they are planning to move to a new house soon...but moving or shipping multiple boxes across the country is both expensive and problematic because I'm not sure I would have enough room in graduate school to store these things for the whole of my doctoral program. I
  3. Going to Caltech in the Fall to study Environmental Science and Engineering and to do research in geobiology (searching for life on early Earth and on other planets)!
  4. I will be in the PhD biology program.
  5. Both were great options, grad_wannabe! It was definitely one of those situations where you couldn't go wrong either way. I was similarly frustrated though at having to make a decision with limited actual experience at the schools where, in my case, I will spend 5-6 years of my life. I think you made a fine choice, by the way! You will probably be able to make a lot of great contacts in Cambridge!
  6. Thanks, intextrovert. I am sure I will feel better about it once I start the program but you are right that it is that whole imagined future that I have to let go...
  7. The decision was so close and I ended up turning down a pretty prestigious program so I felt sick about it this morning...even though it was surely the right choice for me. I feel better now (at the end of the day), partly thanks to all the kind folks who have reminded me of what a great decision it was and that the school I chose is still a top-20 program. But this morning, I felt like I had really screwed up maybe. I just wasn't ready to make a choice by April 15th but also wasn't getting any closer so an extension seemed useless. Did anyone else have a similar experience of feeling real
  8. Hi, afritz...just seeing your reply. Thanks. I am trying to decide between University of Washington and University of Oregon... I love the research in Oregon but want to be in a city so am leaning towards UW. I'm worried that if I go to Eugene that I'll end up an old maid because there is no diversity in the area and I'm at that age, you know...Anyway, I have to decide now.
  9. Eugene is a gorgeous little city and the people at UO are very nice and low-stress.
  10. I can't choose either...

  11. If your employer is going to promote you to a senior position then they must really want and value you as an employee...why not ask them (if and when you are promoted) for a sabbatical so you can go back to school with the possibility of returning to your job if things don't work out?
  12. Nancy, Chicago is misspelled in your signature and it's driving me crazy.
  13. Hi afritz87! I am very interested in ecology but not quite as "big" as you might like...I'm primarily interested in microbial ecology and studying microbial diversity in general. As a fellow ecology person however, are you at all worried about funding issues and about the unfortunate perception that eco/evo is a 'softer' subject than the molecular stuff? Just something I'm keeping in mind as I choose a program and then a thesis topic.
  14. Thank you to everyone who replied to this thread. It really helps to get feedback on my decision. I think that Caltech might be disastrous...The professors don't seem terribly supportive, the program requires chemistry knowledge that I don't have, and the profs have been largely unresponsive to my questions. Actually, I'm also a little worried about all the recent suicides at Caltech. Two undergrads, one graduate student, and the famous chair of the Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy division? It just confirms what I saw when I visited...that everyone there is under a great deal of stres
  15. I think that the UC schools are being especially bad about admissions decisions this year because of the budget crisis. They say that they get a extremely large number of applicants and then they are probably also trying to wait to see what the exact budget is going to be and how many people they should accept. Its very disappointing for some of us though. I had hoped to hear from UC San Diego's Scripps Institute of Oceanography but nothing, also UC Irvine has sent nothing but the prof I was speaking with there told me to expect to be rejected. That is in contrast to UWashington which acce
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