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  1. I've heard back from most of the schools I applied to. Here's a list of when I was notified: (for reference, I'm an international student in the chemical biology division) Caltech (BMB): On-campus interview, notified via email on 12/17/2019 University of Chicago: notified via email to check portal on 12/19/2019 (visit dates: 2/6-8 and 2/27-29) Cornell: notified via email on 12/22/2019 (visit dates: 2/21-23, 3/20/22) Harvard: notified via email from Chemistry department on 1/13/2020 (visit dates: 3/12-13) MIT: notified via phone call from POI 1/16/2020 and official letter via email on 1/17/2020 (visit dates: 3/27-28) Princeton: Stanford: official letter via email 1/17/2020 (visit dates: 3/4-5, 3/11-12, 3/18-19) UCSD: Yale: notified by POI and official email to check portal on 12/19/2019 (visit dates: 2/27-28, 3/5-6)
  2. Based on my experience with different application portals, ApplyWeb won't update at all even when the official decisions are out. I wanted to decline an offer from a school that was using ApplyWeb and was instructed to do so using the portal, but couldn't find the option anywhere, let alone any indication that I was accepted. (sample size=3) Harvard, Yale and UCSD seem to be using the same application system and for those, the portal may be updated with an admission letter. Or at least Yale's portal did.
  3. You should definitely contact schools to double check. I've heard about someone (friend of a friend) that was admitted, but the email didn't go through and found out too late. For schools that have visiting weekends in March, may be wait a week or two more, but def reach out to schools like U of Chicago that have both visiting weekends in February. For those worried about bothering the adcoms too much: you have every right to find out what happened to your $100+ application fees.
  4. Nope, the portal stays the same. I got an email with the admission letter attached as a pdf file.
  5. nvm the letter came in this morning
  6. I didn't post in the results section, but I got a call from a POI today, Chemical Biology subdivision. The POI said the official letters roll out next week.
  7. Cornell: Feb 21-22 (depart on 2/23) or March 20-21 (depart on 3/22) UChicago: Feb 6-8 or Feb 27-29
  8. I got a phone call from a PI at MIT this week (apparently they conduct phone interviews to check English fluency for international students) and the PI said we can "expect to hear from them next week"
  9. I'm an international student and I got accepted to both Yale and UChicago today (I've posted them to the results page). I'm not sure if this is relevant for other programs, but I've heard from a PI from another department that they form a separate committee for international students and start reviewing the application at different dates
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