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  1. "Ten years from now" was poor wording on my behalf - what I meant was I could definitely see myself getting married, starting/raising a family, and working there after graduate school, wherever I go. Like I said previously I plan to pursue a career in social policy and I have already determined that I'll return to the South after obtaining my degree. The question is, is taking out a loan to stay in the South for graduate school (to make connections, integrate myself into the community, etc.) worth it?
  2. Hey all, I'm trying to make a really difficult decision - I am planning to enroll in an MPAff program this fall and am down to two final choices. I received a full ride to UW-Madison's La Follette school (a fellowship the first year with full tuition and a living stipend with an assistantship the second year) as well as full tuition to UT-Austin's LBJ School. Ten years from now I envision myself working or living near Austin (as it is an incredible city and fairly close to Shreveport, my hometown). Should I take out the small loan needed to go to the LBJ school or should I enroll in the La Follette school (which, by most rankings, is better)? I plan on concentrating in social policy and hope to work at a state-based think tank such as the Texas Center for Public Policy Priorities. Thanks in advance!
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