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  1. I also received an invitation to interview this morning for the Social Sciences panel. Two year ago, I was not offered an interview and did not hear any news or updates from the Trust until after the scholarships had been awarded to successful candidates. Good luck to all!
  2. @mg878: My understanding of the two-phase process is that your applicant pool is determined by residency rather than nationality. I am an American living abroad (who does not hold dual citizenship) and after consulting the Trust was told that I must apply in the international round. So yes, Americans can and have received fellowships as second-round applicants. Hope this helps!
  3. @DEV2122 -- echoing @cshal's curiosity here... Can you share how you found this out?
  4. I know Americans who received the fellowship as applicants to the international round, so it's definitely possible
  5. No news on this end! Fingers crossed, y'all!
  6. @Shulfer: Having spoken with several friends who received interviews during the international round in the past couple of years, it seems there has been a range of notification dates from the last week of February to the first week of March. Last year, for example, a friend heard about his interview offer on March 4th. The Gates website lists the following information as well: Applications open 4 September 2017 Application deadline Dependent on your course - either 6 December 2017 or 4 January 2018* Departmental
  7. If interview notification dates from previous years are any indication, we've got at least a week--if not more--until word will be given. Good luck all!
  8. Many thanks, @Rachel patteson. Very helpful to hear about your interview experience. Are there any others out there with interview insights to share? Good luck to all!
  9. Also an applicant to the international round, @prer25. Sit tight! It will be a month or more until we hear any news of interviews
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