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  1. Ahhhh!!! Now I get to stalk my mailman instead of the MUN site! Good luck you guys!
  2. Dealing with this issue now. I was accepted to Dalhousie a month ago but MUN is my first choice....have to the 15th to accept Dal and pay a $200 deposit and no word from MUN as of yet.
  3. Sorry! That's my wishful thinking! I've been accepted to Dal and have to confirm acceptance by the 15th so hoping I hear from MUN before that. Someone on here suggested most likely end of March though!
  4. Thanks! I'm still hoping we hear from MUN by end of week so I can make my decision! I'm just completing my BSW at University of Manitoba, which was a fully distance program. I had a great time doing it and would recommend the program to anyone!
  5. Congrats WaitingWaiting4, looks like we might be classmates, although I'm waiting to hear from MUN as well! I received the official letter from Dal today, claiming I have to confirm before March 15th. But I'm not sure Memorial will have made their decisions by then, as I saw in another thread it could be the end of the month. Did you receive this same notice too?
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