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  1. Hi everyone, Recently I have received MS in Biostatistics at Yale MS in Statistics at Waterloo MS in Statistics t UBC For Yale, the advantage is the university has strong reputation, the degree may prove one's ability and be helpful when seeking a job. It will be a great platform to meet decent people and it is kind of my dream when I was a child. However, the disadvantage is the biostatistics program at yale seems not have enough reputation. It is a low-rank program. The other disadvantage is that it is very expensive (though my family agree to support me, it could be a great burden for my family). Since the program is in small scale, I could not find enough information about it. Especially, how was the program? Whether is it recognized in the industry? Is it easy to find a decent job? (Since I heard that one of the possible direction for biostatistics program is data science, but need to compete with graduates of CS) Or is it easier to apply for a PhD degree in Yale? Or is it easy to apply for a decent PhD program in statistics/biostatistics after graduation? For Waterloo, I think the program is quite ideal. It does not need any tuition fees and even offer some scholarship. In addition, I prefer statistics program than biostatistics one. After consulting with my professors in statistics, they all suggests me to go to Waterloo. They said that it is one of the top statistics program and has strong reputation in whole north american. Moreover, it seems comparatively easier to find a decent job in banks or continuously study in PhD. My prospective supervisor seems also very good at research. However, my family and I prefer US as it has larger market and more opportunities. For UBC, the situation is quite similar to Waterloo. If anyone or any seniors have any suggestions or advice, I will be very grateful! Thank you so much.
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