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  1. How do you look for roommates? through this forum or something else?
  2. @Effloresce I checked on craigslist and prices seem high (most one bedroom > 1k). Do you think I should wait until I arrive at Nashville to get better deals?
  3. Did any international student hear from Case Western Reserve (Biochemistry department) ? They said they are going to interview me two weeks ago, but no news yet!!
  4. Any one heard anything from Case Western Reserve (Biochem) ?
  5. I'm an international student, accepted in both Vandy IGP and Penn state BMS programs. I've never been to US before and I have no idea what these schools look like. Also, both schools have pretty good programs and good research activity (pub records, active project and funding). Regarding potential supervisors, both schools have faculty I'd like working with (that's why I applied in the first place). Vandy offers higher stipend but grads at Vandy say Nashville is expensive unlike Hershey. Anyone have an idea about any of these programs or could help with this decision. Thanks a lot
  6. I'm probably going to Vandy this fall. I'm an international student and was accepted in the IGP program. Anyone else going to Vandy this year, I want to know about housing and life in Nashville. Does the stipend allow for comfortable living?
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