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    Joseph B reacted to gutrot13 in Help! SAIS vs. Georgetown vs. Fletcher   
    None of these programs are going to prepare you for a PhD program. I'm a current Fletcher MALD student and those here who do go onto pursue a PhD often stay at Fletcher - it seems as though the PhD program here is rather endogenized. Fletcher is also extremely career/"policy world" oriented. You would be better off either holding off and applying for PhDs next cycle or attending a one year MA program at a school like LSE or the University of Chicago. I've had discussions with former professors, one that pursued a PhD at Chicago, and they all recommended me to transfer if I wanted to pursue a PhD later on. 
    That's what I've learned thus far, good luck. 
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    Joseph B reacted to pyrhuss in Help! SAIS vs. Georgetown vs. Fletcher   
    All of these are terminal Master programs that are in no way intended to prepare you for a career in academia. While it will certainly not be held against you, completing one of these programs will by no means work in your favor for a PhD or later academic career. If you already know you want to go down that path, I suggest you take another year, get some more research experience in a related job and apply for PhD programs during the next application cycle. In any way, I think that way you will save yourself some serious time and money. Unlike in Europe, you don't need to complete a Masters before entering a PhD program, that's why American PhDs take you 5-6 years.
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    Official update from SSP office;
    First week of April. 
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