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  1. So I would say ultimately it comes down to a difference of goals... Fletcher is more academic/theory based, and MSFS is focused on preparing practitioners. There are absolutely differences in culture, but to me it seems figuring out if you want the practical or academic is the first step.
  2. Official update from SSP office; First week of April.
  3. So...a rather interesting development that may be helpful for others, esp. those who are weighing other time-sensitive offers. I called the general admissions office today, and they suggested I contact SSP's Director of Admin, Tyler Browne. I've met Tyler a few times before, so I dropped him a quick (but very polite) email.... AND I GOT AN AUTO-REPLY. There's a typo in the reply, so it's not clear when this change took place/is taking place, exactly, but basically - he doesn't work there anymore. He will not be responding to emails after March 16 or Friday (not sure which
  4. Has anyone been brave enough to call the admissions office and ask?
  5. Apologies if this has been asked already, but I was wondering if anyone's application status on the online portal has said anything except "submitted?" I've checked a few places on the platform (the landing page, the check list) and it confirms that the Admissions office has received my full application, but no updates on if it is being reviewed. Not sure if SFS does this or not? Thanks in advance, all!
  6. I think it depends on what you'd like to do with that year in between, and if a think tank is the only option your interested in. If it's research you're after, UC has plenty of opportunities- as does the private sector, and perhaps non-profits as well. What specifically in transnational security are you interested in? Even if your goal is academic focused, doing a year in the private sector in a research-based position can be helpful both strategically and financially. It gives you an opportunity to see how security research impacts life outside of NGOs and government. Plus the higher p
  7. I think it really depends on what you're looking for, and your goals afterwards. Are you looking to be an academic or a practitioner? UC or SFS are stronger programs than GW. I'm partial to being in DC, but Chicago is a great town with an equally strong program. From your post, it seems as if you've already heard from MSFS? Would you mind sharing when you received notification- you're the first person I've seen indicate they've heard from them.
  8. Curious if anyone knows when SSP decisions will be out? I know they've come out around the 27/28th in years passed, but am also seeing suggestions of the 3rd Wednesday in March?
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