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  1. Thank you so much for the response! Hopefully I'll be able to attend the admitted students campus day. Glad to hear the school has what I'm looking for. Fortunately I'll be able to attend admitted student's day.
  2. None of these programs are going to prepare you for a PhD program. I'm a current Fletcher MALD student and those here who do go onto pursue a PhD often stay at Fletcher - it seems as though the PhD program here is rather endogenized. Fletcher is also extremely career/"policy world" oriented. You would be better off either holding off and applying for PhDs next cycle or attending a one year MA program at a school like LSE or the University of Chicago. I've had discussions with former professors, one that pursued a PhD at Chicago, and they all recommended me to transfer if I wanted to pursue a P
  3. Hey all, Looking for some input on my situation. I'm currently a student at Fletcher and have found out that the program I am currently in was absolutely not what I was looking for, so I decided to fill out an application for U Chi's CIR after a professor had recommended it to me. He described it as an theory-rich, intellectual environment, which sounds perfect for me. I do intend on pursuing a PhD someday, although my primary concern with CIR is employment after graduation; will leaving Fletcher for CIR severely disadvantage me in this area? Ideally I'd like to be working in a think tank
  4. Congratulations! I was accepted yesterday as well. Still awaiting a decision from MIT, but I'll more than likely be leaving Fletcher and attending CIR.
  5. Hey All, I was recently admitted and started attending a top-tier IR program, but have quickly come to realize that this program in particular is not for me. I've also discovered recently that I may want to explore a program that is either less professional in nature and concentrates more on preparing students for academia or hones in on more technical skills - but that's besides the point. My current program is two years, so I was wondering if it is possible to attempt to transfer into another program? Or does that option not really exist at the MA level. I'm currently still in my f
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