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  1. Actually they do! For Pickering they received 844 applications in 2020 and 822 in 2019 (https://pickeringfellowship.org/resources/fellows-snapshots/#2020Snaps). I couldn't find the info for Rangel but I imagine it's similar.
  2. Ahhh now I'm really nervous! Good luck to you! I'm feeling slightly better that they're both accepting 50% more applicants this year, but who knows. I would love to know how covid has affected the number of people applying... I have a feeling more people applied this year than in the past.
  3. Hey guys! I also applied to both. I think we hear back from Rangel on Nov 18th and Pickering the week after -- the specific dates are listed on the website. Trying not to worry too much!
  4. I've been obsessing over this constantly so I feel like I've found my people! My budget email said "We are emailing all 2016 Boren Scholarship AFLI applicants to see if you have any changes to your Scholarship budget." so I'm confused about the one they sent to non-AFLI applicants. Is anyone else applying to study French in Senegal with AFLI?
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