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  1. I hope not since I'm interviewing there in two weeks!!!
  2. Hi folks! Hope you're doing swell. For those of you who have already been to an interview weekend -- do you have any advice to quell my nerves? I'm heading to UWashington MCB this weekend and am a bundle of energy. Thanks in advance!
  3. I got an email interview invite from the specific umbrella program director (Stem Cell/Regen Medicine) before the New Year and he explicitly said, and I quote: "The 14 Home Program Admissions Committees all operate on their own timelines, so your friends and coworkers may or may not have heard from another Biosciences Program. Please understand that "no news does not mean bad news", as many Programs do not complete their admission process until the 2nd week of January. So, please keep this in mind when sharing your good news with others."
  4. Definitely something I'm coping with. But I feel most comfortable in menswear so goshdarnit that's what I'll be sporting. I'm fairly confident that the schools I'll be visiting are accepting of queer diversity, but we'll just have to see.
  5. Sorry if I missed something but did Stanford Biosciences already send invites out?!?
  6. Ok folks, I'm in a very lucky position, but I would love some help: I need to figure out whether to interview at the Albert Einstein program or at UW MCB. I know they're immensely different, but would love to hear some other people's opinions. Thanks in advance!
  7. Got an email tonight from the UCSF Dev/Stem Cell Program
  8. Albert Einstein Biomedical sciences: Jan 25-27 Berkeley Comp Bio: Feb 14-16 Berkeley IB: Jan 27-28 Berkeley Cell Molecular Bio: Feb 12-14, Feb 26-28 CMU-Pitt Comp bio: Feb 23-25, March 2-4 Columbia Biological Sciences: Jan 22-23, Mar 2-4 Columbia Biomedical Informatics: Jan 27-29th Cornell Tri Institutional computational biology: Feb 26-27. Duke Biochemistry: Feb 9-12 or Feb 23-26 Duke CMB: February 2-4 or February 16-18 Harvard BIG (I asked and then asked a contact I have and all I could get was late January or early February) Havard BBS: Jan 26-29, Feb 9-12 Harvard MCO: Jan 25-28, Feb 1-4 Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai (Neuro only): January 9-10 Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai (non-neuro): January 12-13 or January 19-20 Johns Hopkins CMM: January 19-20 or February 23-24 UMichigan PIBS: Jan 26-28, Feb 2-4, Feb 9-11 MIT Biology: Feb 11-14, Feb 25-28, March 11-14 MIT CSBi: Feb 3 & 10 MIT HST: march 2-4 (strange those two overlap as they are 2 of the top comp bio programs) Northwestern DGP: Jan 12-14, Jan 26-28, Feb 9-11 NIH OxCam: February 15-17 Princeton QCB: Feb 9-11 Rockefeller: Feb 23-24, March 2-3 Sanger 4-year program: Jan 23rd Sloan Kettering: January (Jan 12-15 once appeared on their website but they removed it for some reason) Stanford BI: march 1-5 Stanford Biosciences: March 1-5 UConn Health Biomedical Sciences: Feb 10-11 University of Washington Biology: Jan 26-28 University of Washington Genome Sciences: Feb 12-14, Feb 26-28 UC Irvine CMB: Jan 26-27, Feb 9-10 UCSD BMS: Feb 2-5, Feb 23-26 UCSF bioinformatics: Feb 9-10, Feb 16-17 UCSF TETRAD: Feb 2-5, Feb 24-27 UNC Chapel Hill BBSP: Feb 2-4, Feb 16-18 UMass Medical School BBS: January 26-27 or February 2-3 UPenn CAMB: Jan 19-21 UT Austin Cell and Molecular Biology: Jan 19-22, Feb 9-12 Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) Biochemistry DBBS February 2-4 and February 16-18 Yale BBS Immunology: Feb 16-19 Yale BBS MMPP: Feb 24-26 Yale CBB/MCGD: Feb 3-5
  9. Anxiety seems to be the uniting sentiment of everybody on here lol. At least my finals are over now so I can relax about that. Definitely post if you hear anything! Sending happy thoughts.
  10. Anyone on here other than me who applied to the Developmental/Stem Cell Bio program at UCSF?
  11. Didn't get a Harvard email today, but I just got a call from UC San Diego, so I'd call it a good day Been thinking a lot recently about my undergrad application process; I don't know about you guys, but things ended up very far from what I expected at the outset and things have been more than okay. Just a thought to keep in mind.
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